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Boardwalk Empire returns for its second season September 25th and HBO's promoting the prohibition era drama with a literal trainload of advertising.
The nostalgia ride will be around for four weekends, running through the 25th of September, and will stop at 96th, 72nd, and Times Square-42nd street stations only. The Village Voice, reluctantly seduced by the gambit, is also excited to learn that "brand ambassadors" will be giving complimentary MetroCards away on the weekend of the show's premiere.
Exclusive: Hero who saved homeless man from subway tracks made a a€?split-second decisiona€™ Victor Samuel, 43, of Forest Hills, doesna€™t want to be called a hero for leaping to the tracks at Bowling Green station Thursday night and helping a dazed drifter out of the way of an incoming 5 train. Victor Samuel wants to share a special cup of coffee with the woman who helped save his life: Cream, no subway.
Samuel, a Queens father of two, was yanked to safety from the tracks of the Bowling Green station after risking his life to save a dazed drifter from an oncoming No. Now he hopes to get together aboveground with Doreen Winkler, the diminutive Brooklynite whose efforts spared Samuel and the second man from dying beneath the subway wheels.
Samuel, speaking Saturday to the Daily News, said the two could ideally meet for coffee in a less a€?stressfula€? situation to discuss their lifesaving efforts.

And he sent along thanks to the others on the platform who pulled him and Jack Simmons, 64, from the tracks. The 43-year-old good Samaritan doesna€™t regret his decision to make the Thursday night leap a€” even as thoughts of Mondaya€™s subway death of Ki-Suck Han flashed through his mind. He looked down to see Simmons lying a€?smack in the middle of the tracks,a€? and jumped down without hesitation to save the boozy stranger. After nudging Simmons toward the platform, Samuel tried twice to pull himself from the deep landing. Doreen Winkler of Brooklyn helped save two men from the tracks at the Bowling Green station in Manhattan. The 5-foot-2 Winkler, who moved to Brooklyn four years ago from Germany, was among the frantic crowd on the platform.
She described grabbing both men by their arms and yanking with an adrenaline rush as two other woman assisted the rescue on the northbound platform. Samuel and Winkler hugged on the platform as witnesses cheered before she took the train to Brooklyn.

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Customers who have the opportunity to ride the vintage train will be transported back in time to the Prohibition era with authentic details such as rattan seats, ceiling fans and drop sash windows, as well as a custom branded interior featuring Boardwalk Empire-inspired period artwork.

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