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NEW YORK timelapse from dimid This video was shoted in September 2015 during a trip to New York.
Everyone hungers for a little taste of New York‘s luxury lifestyle, even those on a budget.
GETTING THERE Take the 4, 5, 6, 7, or S lines to the 42nd Street–Grand Central subway stop.
Constructed over a 10 year period by Warren and Wetmore and Reed and Stem, Grand Central Terminal was completed in 1912. This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. The NEW YORK CENTRAL LINES magazine contains a wealth of information on Grand Central Terminal.
A second run was made with two motors cut out to simulate a fully loaded train and still reached 77 MPH. The World Wide Web is the future and it is our VISION to create a PERFECT INTERNET for all.
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Connect with trading partners around the world on a single Network-as-a-Service platform, get real-time transaction visibility and eliminate those manual network processes. Vanderbilt filled up with structures like the high-rise Yale Club, at 44th and Vanderbilt, and the Roosevelt Hotel, from 45th to 46th.
But it was the width of Park Avenue that offered the canvas for a much grander design, something really worthy of the name Terminal City.
Office construction here was premature, though — the newly developed apartment house was in demand, as the well-to-do began to abandon town houses and pare their servant rosters.
Just north of the Postum Building rose 270 Park Avenue, with 3,000 rooms and, according to the magazine Buildings and Building Management in 1920, 100 millionaires.
Directly opposite rose 277 Park Avenue, a colossal 12-section apartment house organized around a central court and 432 apartments. The Hotel Chatham went up at 280 Park, from 48th to 49th, with a delicious terra cotta frosting along the top stories. They were, it is true, enclaves of the rich and well born, with names like Aldrich, Betts, Dodge and Rutherfurd. Terminal City began to dissolve after World War II, when commerce swept the avenue almost clean of residential buildings. On Vanderbilt Avenue, the Biltmore was gutted and refaced with red granite in the 1980s to create the present, hulking office tower at 335 Madison.
Grand Central Terminal is the largest train station in the world by number of platforms: 44, with 67 tracks along them. Pine Creek, which in many places approaches the dignity of river, rises in Tioga county and flows through the Lycoming hills to empty into the mighty Susquehanna near Jersey Shore.
I was working as railroad telegrapher at Slate Run, a few miles south of Wellsboro, when, in 1907 the last run of logs went down Pine creek to the Susquehanna and thence to the big boom at Williamsport.
Slate Run village was just a straggle of houses and shanties along the river bank and under the mountainside.
A narrow-gauge railroad penetrated the fastnesses for some 25 miles and brought the logs down to the mill. In a few minutes the "doin's" would start - and if they kept it up until four in the morning, whose business was that? To our village came on occasion, Billy Larkin, cook in "Mode" Archer's camp 20 miles up the mountain side.
Billy was never very articulate, even in his cups, but he had a certain routine which he repeated incessantly while lapping up the booze which his dollars caused to flow freely.
Our most resplendent citizen during those days was Patsy Delaney, who has become a tradition among lumberjacks and river men.

After his barnstorming trip to Canada and Europe, he never did much actual logging - or any other kind of work for that matter. Patsy prided himself that he could "cuss" in 12 languages and dialects for an hour and 30 minutes without repeating himself. The pictures below all appeared in the New York Central HEADLIGHT employee magazine and show design and building of what used to be called the Pan Am building.
Realtors, investors, and architects all would profit from the property development that would accompany the transformation of Second Avenue into a higher-class neighborhood. Rather, it argued that the el should be torn down immediately, to improve automobile access. This is where the ride into Grand Central ends and where the ride out of Grand Central begins. At left is the New York Central main telephone switchboard from the NY Central employee's magazine.
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The complexity of maintaining compliance with trading partners, managing the ever increasing amount of data, and analyzing that data to drive constant improvement in processes and service take supply chain professionals far beyond the basics of mapping EDI documents. Wilgus, an engineer for the New York Central Railroad, came up with the concept of roofing over the yards around Grand Central and building hotels, offices and apartment houses.
Along Lexington, buildings included the giant Commodore Hotel at 42nd and the streamlined Graybar Building at 44th. There were a few commercial buildings, like the New York Central Building, with its signature tower, spanning Park at 46th; and the crisp, cool Postum Building at 250 Park from 46th to 47th. Its arcaded central courtyard, with triumphal arches, struck a particularly civilized note. Opposite, at 299 Park, the discreet Park Lane opened in the mid-1920s, an apartment hotel whose central dining room had tapestries and a coffered ceiling. But there were also those whose families and fortunes were newer, like the developer Charles Paterno, the actor Rudolph Valentino and Frederick T. The construction along Lexington has survived, except for the old Commodore at 42nd Street, refaced around 1980 for a new Hyatt.
They are on two levels, both below ground, with 41 tracks on the upper level and 26 on the lower, though the total number of tracks along platforms and in rail yards exceeds 100.
Bordering this on the south is Lycoming county, where I spent the years between 1905 and 1917. It was a grand sight to watch those millions of logs go bumping down the river, while the lumberjacks in the red-and-blue shirts stood in the swift water to their waists and kept the line moving with their peavies. Here were 200 mill-hands, a big "company store," a church, and three - count 'em - three hotels.
Billy would work faithfully and ceaselessly for three or four months; then, when the spirit moved him, he'd grab is "turkey" and foot it down the slope for Slate Run, where he would spend the better part of a week imbibing the strenuous liquor of those parts. Of the thirty-two directors, a few were simply elite professionals -- lawyers, judges, business managers -- with no obvious vested interest in the demolition of the el.
One director, the Chairman of the Board of Bloomingdales, also would benefit from the gentrification of the neighborhood near his expensive East Side department store. The association did not believe that the el should be replaced with a subway, and then torn down. The real aim of the association was not to improve accessibility to Second Avenue, but to reduce traffic on First Avenue.

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Among the earliest concepts were a 20-story tower over the terminal itself, and an adjacent hotel, later erected as the Biltmore, from Vanderbilt to Madison Avenue, between 43rd and 44th Streets.
The Biltmore was the best known, 26 stories high but set back along Vanderbilt Avenue to give the terminal breathing room. Ley, who started work in construction at age 15 but later was the contractor for the Chrysler Building..
Along 44th, the sleek, modern facade is interrupted by a taxicab ramp, descending to the concourse level of the station. When the Long Island Rail Road's new station, below the existing levels, opens, Grand Central will offer a total of 75 tracks and 48 platforms. Its mountainous terrain, heavily wooded and freely interspersed with swift moving brooks - known as "runs" - make it a veritable paradise for fishermen and hunters. Each hotel boasted a big dance hall and seldom a Saturday night went by without at least one big dance - generally two.
He had traveled to London, To Stockholm and to Canada, giving exhibitions in the art of riding logs through the swift currents. He was a grand eyeful those days; with his chamois-skin trousers, his four-colored skirt made of the finest Swiss wool, and his luimberman's pea-jacket with the real-silk lining and the solid good buttons.
The director with the most vested interest in the el demolition, however, was the Secretary-Treasurer of the East Side Omnibus Corp. In 1910, The New York Times published a design for a ceremonial Park Avenue showing tall, income-producing office buildings, but also new structures for the National Academy of Design and the Metropolitan Opera, their cultured imprimatur blunting the nakedness of the railroad’s commercial quest. With no stores on Madison Avenue, a main dining room 120 feet long and a terrace on Vanderbilt, it was a particularly debonair work.
The development of the residential section of Terminal City continued up to 50th Street, and was matched by construction farther north.
The connection is now walled up, and the area is only a garage, but it is still roofed with the Guastavino tile seen elsewhere in the station.
This enterprise took care of the logs cut by some eight or 10 camps, scattered through the uplands in a 50-mile area. He was a little man, strong, wiry and absolutely fearless, and when he grabbed his peavie and jumped for a log - any long - that bit of timber was conquered then and there. On his feet were a pair of "short boots' made in Russia of the finest calfskin, and the inch-long caulks on their soles heavily gold plated. Seven others held positions at private firms, whose business was not listed, that may also have been involved in real estate. With the el demolished, and no subway along the route to replace it, many passengers would rely on buses along Second Avenue for transportation -- buses that the East Side Omnibus Corp. Inside, the Palm Court had a timepiece on a wooden screen; “under the clock at the Biltmore” became a legendary meeting place. All his movements were the graceful ones of an athlete and his reaction of brain and muscle were lightning-quick. Two directors were bankers, and three, treasurers of major institutions -- representing, therefore, large investors.
There is no other indication that the First Avenue Association was party to an anti-rail transit conspiracy, however.
Tracks 22 and 31 were removed in the late '90s to build concourses for Grand Central North, track 12 was removed to expand the platform between tracks 11 and 13, and track 14 is only used for loading a garbage train. The lower level has 26 tracks, numbered from 100 to 126, east to west, though only tracks 102-112, and 114-116 are currently used for passenger service.

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