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Subways reduce the number of commuters congesting city streets and tackle the environmental impact of countless car exhausts. Passing through ghost stations, like City Hall in New York City, by train can be compelling, while entire subways that were built and never used, like Cincinnati, are as rare as they are a waste of public money. The story of the Rochester Subway (aka Rochester Industrial and Rapid Transit Railway) dates back to 1918 when the Erie Canal was re-routed to bypass downtown Rochester.  The canal was abandoned a year later before engineers transformed it into the now ghostly rapid transit system.
It seemed like an ideal opportunity to reuse old industrial land (namely the canal) and create a cost effective new underground railway. It seems ironic today, when planners constantly look for new ways to promote cleaner modes of transport, while simultaneously thinking up ways to reduce congestion on city streets.
Numerous proposals ranged from the realistic to the radical – from reinstating the rapid transit system to flooding the tunnels with water for the Erie Canal to rise from the ashes.

While a section of the subway between Main Street and the aqueduct will remain intact, it’s unlikely to ever house a new rapid transit system.
Keep reading – explore more ghost stations, abandoned subways and rapid transit systems, or travel to London to check out Holborn station in the disused Kingsway Tramway Subway, or the forgotten subterranean tunnels of South Kentish Town Tube. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. But stranger still are fully functioning subways that operate for several decades and then fall into disuse for no good reason. Better still, connecting interurban lines (and freight) were routed via the subway to reduce congestion above, and the Second Genesee Aqueduct of the former Erie Canal was adapted to accomodate both the subway and Broad Street (above). At that time, about half of the railway, from Court Street to Rowlands, was replaced by the Eastern Expressway in 1956, and the rest of the subway closed later that year.

In the city of Rochester, the solution seems to be hiding in plain view beneath city bosses’ noses in the form of a purpose built subway system just waiting to be brought back to life.
A local group called Rochester Subway is one of the best places to find info about the subway’s past and its impending doom at the mercy of city officials.
Urban explorers are intrigued at the thought of a complex network of subterranean passageways and tunnels beneath our feet.
The result was a two mile stretch of underground streetcar line easing traffic from the streets above.

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