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While the MTA is currently striving to build the new Second Avenue subway without disturbing businesses along the route, the Interborough Rapid Transit Company (IRT) had no such compunction about hampering businesses as demonstrated by this photograph taken on November 26, 1901.
This method of building, which disturbed all the utilities, businesses, and residents along the route, was not only cost effective, but fast. It took less than four and a half years for the original subway line, nine miles in length, to be completed.
It was an amazing accomplishment considering what New Yorker’s are currently putting up with just to build a two mile section of a new subway on Second Avenue. You can buy our images either by contacting us, or for a larger variety of sizes and printing possibilities. The best way to experience the sights, sounds, smells, feelings and flavors of New York is to walk around. Broome review Finnish magazine, English review at the end of the article, after photographs. In the Park Slope, Brooklyn location, the service was unfathomably slow, two times out of 3 (in a half filled room). Angelica Kitchen is one of New Yrk's oldest vegetarian restaurants and still a favorite of many a NYC vegetarian.
AA  fish restaurant,A  a vegetable restaurant and a meat restaurant; a pizza and pasta place, plus a panino bar. Consensus, every time: Some of the best dinners in our lives and one of the best dining experiences in our lives.

Terrific, professional, yet friendly & humorous service, including the knowledgeable and super nice sommelier that has recommended winse that blew our socks off.
A selection of delicious dishes at Gramercy Tavern, Tavern lunch menu: From left, Fish croquette, Baby beet & orange salad, Seafood saffron-fennel chowder, Sea bass, Pear-fig tart. The complex comprises two stations, Bleecker Street (IRT) and Broadway – Lafayette Street (IND). East Broadway (IND Sixth Avenue Line), and check out East Broadway (IND Sixth Avenue Line) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
The 1992 artwork at this station is called Displacing Details by Noel Copeland, with assistance by students from the Henry Street Settlement.
William Street, Pine Street and Cedar Street in the Financial District, Southern Manhattan. Since the American Revolution, savvy New York restaurateurs have recognized this, and have organized their service around the times people are usually hungry. We wish more vegetarian & vegan chefs would realize you do not need heavy dressings for the food to taste good. Our waiter really seemed to know his stuff and brought an extra level of joy into this experience. The service is truly professional without taking itself too seariously.
A free transfer passageway from the southbound IRT platform to the IND platform opened on May 19, 1957.

Tour buses have their place, but all you really need to do is hop on a city bus to experience the views, or go down into the subway for a direct bee line to your destination. The station has two mezzanines, four open staircases, three closed staircases, and one escalator.
A locked door, located in the north end of the mezzanine, reveals additional closed platform space, and part of the floor drops to the level of the intended trackways for the unbuilt Worth Street Line.[2] The unused space runs for no more than fifteen feet before ending at a solid wall.
The full-time entrance at Madison Street has one street staircase, while the part-time entrance at Canal and Rutgers Streets has three.
Near the north end of this station, a different ceiling structure angling across marks where the unbuilt subway would have gone.[3] The ramp that descends from the full-time side would have led to the same intermediate level, with a station facility in between, but that was never constructed. On March 26, 2012, the northbound platform was shifted 300 feet south to the newly constructed extension and the 1950s northern extension closed at the same time. The connection from the northbound IRT platform to the IND station opened on September 25, 2012. Prior to 2012, transfer to the northbound platform from the IND station required a brief walk on surface streets and payment of an additional fare (except for unlimited-ride MetroCard holders).

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