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admin 06.05.2014

It happened again this past weekend — two more people in the NYC subway system were hit by trains. This comment will surely make me sound like a Midwestern hayseed, but I have to admit that, upon my first visit to NYC last spring, I was frankly astonished that a few people don’t tumble off the subway platforms every single day. A fair number of people decide that jumping in front of a moving train is the way to commit suicide while many others are homeless or intoxicated.
That’s on top of a transit report unveiled last week showing that 147 people had been hit by trains last year, a 15% jump over the year before.

That seemed to be the case this past weekend when the fatality was blamed on alcohol and the other incident involved a man walking on the tracks. There would be a plastic wall preventing anyone from falling or jumping onto the tracks and only the sections where the doors are would open up. Of course you cannot detect that vibe if you’re listening to Rhianna blaring into your ear drums. The subway is a great way to get around, no question about it, but I’d rather fall off the proverbial turnip truck than fall into the path of one of those trains!

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