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Red-hot competition among Boston - New York bus companies means you'll find a lot of bargains .
You'll find some big differences between destination and drop-off points, amenities, service, and cost - so it pays to look at each option and decide which fits YOUR needs the best. The Limo Liner provides complimentary internet access as well as a movie, CNN on TV, a full meal, snacks, beverages, and in the evening, wine. Seats are spacious and comfortable, work space is great if you're using a laptop, and food and beverages are available to buy - although both Penn Station and South Station offer much better food choices than you'll find on board. The chargers are weatherproof, and you can permanently mount them in the engine compartment with the provided ring terminals, or just use the alligator clips. On a recent visit to my alma mater, I decided to stop regretting and, instead of racing back to New York, I spent 2 nights in Boston to get a better feel for the city.
Obviously, I don't proclaim to be a Boston expert now but I do feel like I know the town a little better. Welcome to The Black Dress Traveler - a blog dedicated to stylishly exploring the world of food & wine!
Travel is also my passion and I love learning about a place through the winemakers and chefs that fill our lives with flavor. From outside USA: call +1 508 436 7425 for reservations (website does not accept foreign input).
Planning a trip to Boston for a conference, I looked over all the options and decided to try the LimoLiner.
At $49 to Boston or  New York, the LimoLiner is not the cheapest way to get from Hartford to either city.
My trip was perhaps more peaceful than usual because there were only three passengers on the bus. I’m wondering whether on-board martini service would loosen up some attitudes toward bus travel?

Recent CommentsBrooks: Those ladies were NOT wrong (IMO) in refusing to giving up their seats. Bus provides free WiFi, power plugs, and even leather seats on some coaches.  With service from Boston's Chinatown to New York's Chinatown, Yo! Admittedly, the first night I was too tired to do much more than order room service and luxuriate in my gorgeous hotel room, but I was up bright and early the next morning to embark on my getting to know Boston adventure.
Plush, comfortable, and civilized, LimoLiner is a fantastic option if you are traveling from New York to Boston. I opted for the Hotel Nine Zero, which is centrally located in downtown Boston at 90 Tremont Street, hence the name of the hotel.
A casual yet chic waterfront restuarant, Sam's is located on the second floor of the high-end boutique Louis (where I was very tempted to spend my vacation money on a Roland Mouret dress - it was 50% off!).
As a native New Yorker with Southern roots and the daughter of a professional chef, food & wine have always been an integral part of my life.
Whatever it means to you personally, whether it spells time out from a stressful lifestyle, a chance to reconnect with a partner or simply the opportunity to explore interesting new places. The luxury bus service recently added a Hartford stop to its route between Boston and New York — and to make it even more convenient the Boston stop was at the conference site.
The plush leather seats are not quite as wide as a typical first-class seat on an airliner, but they are wider than a standard bus seat. LimoLiner lets you choose your seat in advance, like you can on the luxury buses in Europe.
The attendant assured me that there are usually more passengers, and I was glad to hear it. The seats were very comfortable, the bathroom was very clean, and we had an attendant who served us lunch. Alas, meeting a cute guy from Harvard still eluded me but Boston offered many other diversions!

With something tasty to tantalize every palate, the current Sam's lunch menu includes Oysters (crispy fried or fresh shucked), Open Face Lobster Salad, and a really delicious BLT with tomato marmalade. Either way, it is incredibly important to find something that will make you grin from ear to ear from the moment you arrive.
I have a vague memory of venturing into Boston on a failed mission with my equally awkward teenage girlfriends to meet some Harvard boys, but beyond that, nada. In fact, the BLT was so delicious, I dug in and devoured the whole sandwich and realized at the end that I failed to take a photo - a delicious oversight! Located in Boston's Seaport District, it was a nice 20 minute walk from Hotel Nine Zero. When you finish your lunch, leave your mark on Boston and leave a note on Sam's chalkboard walls - Usher did and so did I! The buses are state-of-the art and spacious and there is an attendant on board that serves refreshments and snacks.
10 Free Star Shuttle located at Church and Trumbull streets.In Manhattan, the LimoLiner stops at Hilton New York, at 1335 Avenue of the Americas. The wireless internet access and seatside power outlets make it easy to stay productive on the road.
The fare of $89 each way is comparable to business class on Amtrak but LimoLiner is a much more pleasant and personalized experience.
On my first night, a delicious room service meal and the gorgeous view from my window, made it a wonderfully relaxing night.

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