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James Maher is a professional photographer and the operator of the Maher Fine Art Photography Gallery, his work is primarily focused on New York photography, but also of various travel spots around the world, and we have to agree that he has some classic photos of New York City. I caught this photo just as the man was about to tackle the woman in the middle of Sheep Meadow in Central Park. This photo was taken on the edge of the East River at a cold 5:30 AM with only a handful of dedicated joggers out.
This is a 30 second exposure looking down the south end of the Mall in Central Park, also known as Poets' Walk.The lights of the office buildings of Central Park South peer through the bare branches of the trees here to give this photo the feeling of an urban wilderness. This is a photograph of office buildings on 17 State Street in the financial district of the city.I thought of what a city on Mars would look like when I saw the roundness of the central building and so I decided to give it this tint to create an 'otherworldly' feel. Rawz is our user generated site where anyone can share their work or work with the Abduzeedo community. Abduzeedo is a blog about design, we started it in 2006 and after all these years the site accumulated a huge visual library of articles about architecture, illustration, graphic design, UX design, mobile app design and a lot more.
In 1966 New York Central converted a Rail Diesel Car in to a jet powered train by adding a pair of General Electric J47-19 turbojet engines.. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Payment methods, delivery times, tracking orders, packaging, insurance covers, returns, financing and quality of materials used.
Starting with Tokyo in 2005, Stephen Wiltshire has drawn Rome, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Madrid, Dubai, Jerusalem, London, Sydney, Shanghai, Brisbane and New York on giant canvasses.

Limited edition prints - often called original prints - are only produced in a small quantity, hand numbered and signed by Stephen. I grew up at the tail end of the cold war that Ronald Reagan, all praise his name, helped bring to an end while I was still in high school.. In the Latino stretches along the track's path, such as Corona, Spanish hip hop reverberates from every corner shop, or bodega, and thumps out of nearly every car. His fee depends on the size of the artwork and whether it is pen and ink drawing or one with colour.Feel free to get in touch with us if you have a particular view or city in mind. Each print also comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity, also signed by the artist.Once the edition is sold out, no further prints will be produced. Also you will find very useful tutorials for the most used applications out there, with a special selection of Photoshop Tutorials and Illustrator Tutorials. In addition to that, the best images get selected and published on the Daily Inspiration series here on Abduzeedo. In 1943, music of a very different sort took up residence: jazz great Louis Armstrong lived here. Wander the halls of this simple home and the Japanese garden while listening to original recordings. The simplicity of his home echoes his deep sense of humility – the international superstar could have lived anywhere.
It's a living monument to New York's diversity, but one that is to be felt, tasted, heard and smelled as well as seen.

Along this subway's route more than 110 languages are spoken and you're likely to hear a dozen at any one time, all at a volume that makes visitors wonder if all New Yorkers are just a little hard of hearing. The line's terminus, the Flushing stop, is a Korean and Chinese enclave, that each evening becomes a teeming Asian market, the city's second largest Chinatown.
Serving samosas in lieu of popcorn, the art-deco Eagle Theatre, on 37th Road, off 74th Street, now shows all Bollywood films in its shabby confines, or cricket matches during the season. No, it's not 1980 again, the time when parts of New York were a seedy, vandal-splattered wasteland.
The nation's oldest standing house of worship, the Flushing Quaker Meeting House, has been in operation for 300 years and the shingled medieval house still stands on an urban block amid the original trees its founders planted nearby.
This outdoor exhibition space for street art subjects spray-painters to a review by a board of artists before their designs are permitted on the building's faA┬žade. Silent meetings, open to all, are held on its austere benches on the first Sunday of the month by the Quakers who run it. Down on the ground, as you're buffeted from one group laughing in Portuguese, to another arguing in Cantonese, it's clear that those jet-setters are wasting their time and money: the entire world is right here.

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