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New York City TransportationThe Staten Island FerryKnowing the best way to get around New York City is crucial during your vacation in NYC. JFK New York Airport: The largest of the three major NY airports, JFK International Airport in Queens County Long Island sits about 15 miles from Midtown Manhattan.
Laguardia Airport: The smallest of the major NYC airports in the area, LaGuardia Airport in Queens mainly services domestic flights, as well as flights to Canada and and the Bahamas. Newark International Airport: The Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey is a major Continental Airlines Hub, and services both domestic and international flights in and out of the NYC area.
New York Heliports and Helicopter Airport Service: Take in the beautfiul overhead views of the Manhattan skyline when you take a helicopter in NY. General ServiceAmerican Mobility Rentals NYCXOOM Park NYC NYCManhattan City Music NYCLoews Regency NYCTripper Bus Service NYCWash.
Fidele a son image de grande metropole, la ville de New York possede un des meilleurs systemes de transport en commun aux Etats-Unis. Les taxis a New York sont jaunes et ont les trouvent absolument partout, vous n’aurez aucun mal a en trouver. A New York, il y a deux sortes de metro, le local (omnibus qui s’arrete a toutes les stations) el’express (il s’arrete aux stations principale uniquement.

La Location de voiture a New York n’est pas du tout recommandee, la circulation y est la circulation dans New York est tres difficile voire impossible pendant les heures de pointes et le stationnement dans les rues est limite a une heure seulement.
JFK Airport NY is serviced by more than 90 airlines, and handles both international and domestic flights from NYC. While LaGuardia Airport NYC is the closest NY airport to Manhattan (9 miles from Midtown), there is unfortunately no train service from LaGuardia into Manhattan.
While the Newark Airport lies in New Jersey, it is just 15 minutes away from Manhattan, and Newark Airport commuters can reach this major NY airport via the convenient AirTrain rail service. With several heliports located throughout the NYC area, enjoying a NY helicopter ride for business or pleasure is simple. Il est vrai que les metros a New York sont peu plus compliques qu’ailleurs, mais c’est un moyen de transports a New York tres pratique et economique. NYC transportation also offers helicopter charter service, with convenient heliports located throughout NYC. With so many outgoing flights to choose from, the JFK New York Airport is convenient for NYC tourists traveling to New York from just about anywhere.
Take advantage of fast and convenient access to the major NY airports when you charter a helicopter in NY.

NY subway fare starts at $2, and travelers in NYC can put as much as $100 on a NY Metrocard at a time. Pour en savoir plus lisez sur les tarifs et les trajets lisez : Comment prendre le taxi a New York.
Les bus de New York scionnent les ruent d’est en ouest et les avenues du nord au sud. Deluxe Bus NYCNYC Scooter Rental NYCDependable Ambulette NYCScooters Depot NYC NYCVega Transport NYCGeneral ServiceAmerican Mobility Rentals NYCXOOM Park NYC NYCManhattan City Music NYCLoews Regency NYCTripper Bus Service NYCWash.
So no matter what time you end up traveling the streets of NYC, the NYC subway system can get you where you need to be.For the complete list of the many New York transportation options, scroll through the links below. Whether you wish to travel NYC by land, air, subway or sea, there is a New York transportation option that is sure to work for you!

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