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It is indeed an honor to introduce this series of aviation photos taken by my good friend William J. We see Bill here because of his aviation photography, and he was among the few who would spend time at an airport for the sole purpose of taking photos of airplanes and observing operations.
I sincerely hope that there will be an effort to conserve some of the original structures and signage at LGA. Delta Air Lines has committed to purchasing 75 aircraft to add to its fleet from the manufacturer, along with the option for an additional 50. His knowledge of transportation systems, whether they traveled by rail, air, sea, or road, were legendary to his friends and fellow professionals.
I was privileged to work at LGA for New York Air in the 1980s–that leadoff photo is the exterior Hangar #5 and my old (and last) NYA office was the farthest right window with the perilously hanging air conditioner!

That photo with the DC-9-30s is the first livery which was happily being replaced when I joined in 1983. Our friendship spanned almost a half century, and blossomed because of our common interest in aviation. His photos are a look back in time, to when propellers were the order of the day, and when you walked across an often oil stained tarmac to your waiting plane.
He also had keen interests in history, classical music, opera, swimming, travel, and the list goes on. New York Air leased most of the Hangar #5 space from American, including the res center upstairs.
Our alumni wound up everywhere in aviation and travel, including a recent CEO of JetBlue, Dave Barger.

As time went on, we found common interests in many things, and at one time our professional careers crossed paths and I had the privilege of working with Bill.
In those days, weather radar and instrument landing systems were the latest revolutionary developments in air travel. That space was part of the AA original HQ at the airport built in the 1930s–that signage is at least 1940s and still gorgeous. But for all his varied interests, Bill was always a humble person, never once forgetting the friends he met along the way.

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