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Since I don’t ride the bus daily, I cannot speak about how bad the service has become. Memberhomeworld5 years 3 months agoThe PA Bus Terminal is already at capacity, so simply adding more buses isn’t really possible. As most of you have likely noticed – NJ Transit has at least half a dozen employees, several vehicles and elaborate message board signs to make sure buses coming down Washington Street make the proper turns due to the detours in place after the 300 Washington Street Fire. Due to the fire at 300 Washington Street this past weekend, and the upcoming demolition of the building – NJ Transit has changed their routes for at least the next week. Buses will operate FROM Hoboken Terminal along Observer Highway to northbound Bloomfield Street, right on 11th Street, left on Washington Street and then continue the regular route.
I’m sure most of you that take the bus every day noticed these new signs that went up along the NJ Transit Bus Stops all over town.
Texting your particular stop number to MYBUS (69287) doesn’t do much other than quote the SCHEDULED bus times. This service, however, doesn’t seem to track the buses in real-time – and the old-fashioned way of looking down the street looks still works best! Memberemarche4 years 7 months agoEvery morning 3-5 empty buses zoom down Washington Street while the bus lines grow longer.
The City of Hoboken provides free regular news updates and alerts via email and text message using the Nixle service.
Swift911 is Hoboken's Emergency Notification service to inform residents in cases of emergency or other important matters.
Did you know that Hoboken has the highest percentage of transit ridership of any city in the country?
To receive updates via text message, text HOPALERT to 888777 or register for updates via the form below (Note: the form below will only sign you up to receive Nixle updates specific to the Hop service.

The City of Hoboken has asked NJ Transit to increase the frequency of bus service going towards the Port Authority Bus Terminal, including adding an additional rush hour bus route along the western edge of town. Based on resident concerns, the City conducted a preliminary ridership study of NJ Transit?s 126 bus route.
NJ Transit is reviewing the report and expressed a willingness to work with the City to address the issue.
It'll now be easier to get from Hoboken to the many shops at Harmon Meadow plaza in Secaucus. It'll now be easier to get from Hoboken to the many shops at Harmon Meadow plaza in Secaucus taking public transportation.
An extra weekday afternoon trip has been added to the number 85 NJ Transit bus line -- Hoboken-Harmon Meadow-Mill Creek -- to help alleviate overcrowding. From local news to politics to entertainment and sports, the twice daily Right Now eNewsletter has all of the New Jersey news you need! Memberrich k6 years 11 months agoTo veer slightly off topic- wouldn’t you think it would be a good thing for NJT to promo improvements like this on their web site?
Of course, it would be an even better if they posted route maps that actually told you where you might end up and when, rather than being as geographically clueless as the Vignelli subway map, with none of the ’70s graphic charm. Today, Hoboken411 reader Matt wonders why Hoboken has the bottom-of-the-line NJ Transit Buses. MemberGene Ritchings7 years 1 month agoWhat we need, state-wide, is a NJ TRANSIT STRAPHANGERS CAMPAIGN.
One such trend I’ve noticed is residents complaining about the NJ Transit 126 bus service.
22, 89 and 126 TO Hoboken Terminal from Washington Street at 11th Street, left on 11th Street, right on Hudson Street to Hoboken Terminal.

This stop for instance at 11th Street just added six minutes to the scheduled departure from the downtown bus terminal.
If you are considering making Hoboken your new home, we have compiled resources to make the move easier. To make it even easier for residents and visitors to use the wide range of transit services available in Hoboken, the City has created the following map to show where transit options exist.
In one instance, five consecutive buses within a 10 minute span skipped the stop at Willow Ave and 14th Street because they were at capacity. In addition, the City is currently conducting a similar analysis along Washington Street based on concerns about service from residents. Hoboken is the perfect place to start, with the crummy rolling stock, no dispatcher in the terminal, a customer service office that’s closed on weekends, and a million other problems. Maybe it’s just the recent inclement weather and perpetual Hoboken traffic headaches? The analysis, which recommends skip-stop or express bus service focusing on northern stops and adding buses or a new western route during peak periods, was provided to NJ Transit.
Procede one block make a left and then right onto Hudson Place, metered and paid parking available in the area.
My particular gripe is waiting for the 87 bus in the freezing cold with a long line of people while the drivers park at the end of the lot and stand around smoking and grab-assing with each other until one minute before departure time.
126 (Hoboken – New York) will follow a detour due to a weekend fire and building demolition in Hoboken.

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