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This modular track system features nickel-silver rails fully integrated to a remarkably realistic-looking roadbed.
There's no need to glue down cork roadbed; tack down track sections and file rail connections smooth after soldering. You can subscribe to my RSS feed by clicking on this icon: Enter your email address in the 'Subscribe to updates' box to receive automatic email updates! The latest update on the progress of my Rochelle Intermodal N scale layout – I talk about signals, yards and industry switching plans. Spent a lovely few hours in the train room working on my layout (adding trackwork for a new industry) and also working on my Railroad & Co automation. The Gateway Central XI railroad will be on display and in operation at this summer’s MCoR Convention.
You could take the layout home in October of 2004 when the winner of our raffle will be announced.
The scenery represents the upper midwest with a double track tunnel, several through truss bridges and a typical river town with its “Turn of the Century” brick buildings. Hand lay your own, velvety smooth running N scale trackwork that looks and performs better than ready-to-run track.
Each kit includes tools and supplies to build 5* complete switches including QuickSticks laser cut ties, PC Board Ties, Rail, Solder, Pliobond adhesive, Assembly Fixture, PointForm points filing tool and DVD with complete instructions. Specially designed for trackwork built with Fast Tracks assembly fixtures, QuickSticks laser cut ties lets you finish fully complete, ready-to-run turnouts right at your workbench! Assembly Fixtures are available separately for virtually all switch types including, Turnouts, Wyes, 3-Ways, Slips, Crossings and Crossovers. Part of the Infinite™ Track System, our lineup of Assembly Fixtures can be used to build straight or curved lengths of mainline, branchline or siding trackwork. Reduce the amount of time it takes to build a turnout by up to 30% with the Fast Tracks TieBreaker PC Board cutting tool.
Filing the frog and switchpoints is made easy with our innovative PointForm filing tool, while the StockAid tool makes easy work out of filing the notch out of the base of the stockrail.

We offer an extensive collection of specially selected tools for track builders, including specialty files, layout tools and scribers, jeweler's saws, drilling tools, soldering tools and supplies, adhesives and track gauges. We recommend Micro Engineering rail and supplies for all hand laid track due to its superior quality and precision profile.
Exclusively available from Fast Tracks, the Rail Roller not only creates smooth bends for curved turnouts, but can also be used to straighten bent rail. Fast Tracks Tie Rack tie jigs makes it fast and easy to lay individual ties on your roadbed. We offer a complete library of free, downloadable Track Templates that you can print and use for planning and building turnouts.
This layout is loosely based on Rochelle, Illinois, and has an intermodal facility (based on Global III) and industrial switching areas (based on Caron Road, Rochelle, IL.). Managed to get my Amtrak train automated – will work nicely for operating sessions, running on an automated timetable in-between the real-life operators running their freight trains.
The latest in a long and illustrious series of project railroads built by the Gateway Division as educational, outreach and fundraising tools is a departure from the previous layouts. Next the highly reliable Kato Unitrack was laid atop the foam, which was carved for basic scenic contours.
It comes complete with power pack, train, and buildings and is wired for two train operations. We hope you enjoy watching it in operation and wish you good luck if you choose to buy some chances!
Besides model railroading and railfanning, his interests include bicycling, playing Ice Hockey, skiing, Civil War and Space Program history. If you already own a track building kit, a single fixture may be a more economical solution for you.
The curved fixtures are available in a large selection of radiuses - including fully customizable versions. The TieBreaker holds each PC Board tie at just the right position making it fast and easy to cut them to the exact length that you need to build a turnout.

Unless you have specified otherwise, all Fast Tracks assembly fixtures are designed to work with Micro Engineering rail. Templates are generated directly from the same CAD files used to produce our Assembly Fixtures.
The frustration of derailments resulting from uneven rail joints and separating sections is eliminated. This website follows the progress of the construction of my Rochelle Intermodal N scale layout, with photos and videos. Planning on having a Metra running on an automated schedule as well, both running between two stations. The layout represents the River Subdivision of the Burlington between Portage and Savannah, Illinois with its heavy traffic density. The layout was built over several months by Gateway Division members, some of whom had never worked in N-scale  before.
Chances are $1 each or 6 for $5 and the winning ticket will be drawn at the Museum of Transportation’s Family Days Celebration. He runs the oldest Dodge Chrysler Jeep dealership in the world and a Buick GMC store that has been in business over 100 years. These high quality wood ties will work great with your Fast Tracks assembly fixture, but can also be used to construct any hand laid trackwork. This was in keeping with the provision that the railroad be an educational experience for our members and encourage new techniques.

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