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A highlight for every model railway fan around the world: Railway staff from 10 different European countries.
Since we opened in 1989 we have tested every locomotive that has left our store on its way to a customer.
After last nights play, I carried on with the grass, weeds, tree planting and installation of cattle dock and coal staithes.
As can be seen below, the track side and road side in some places have had a strip of Woodlands Scenics (WS) 'Wild Honey' static grass.
After this was applied and dried for atleast 20-30mins, the remaining areas of the ground was painted with PVA and a few weeds added. This was completed the same as all the other areas, mostly just static grass and course turf.
I really find it difficult to pick out a favourite part or building but if I had to, I would say that I particularly like the cattle dock and the area in which you have placed it. You have put this together in no time at all yet it looks line a very mature layout that has evolved over a longer space of time. Once the glue had gone off, I gave the fence a paint with a wash of Humbrol Grey Primer (no.1). Each section of fence was glued together individually, starting with one section having two posts and three rails whilst the other five sections had the three rails and one post. Once both left and right hand side fences were complete and the glued cured, they were given one coat of paint. Been off-line a while due to a PC failure, had to buy a replacement which I'm not happy about as the money I'd been putting too one side for a new loco, was going to be a Bachmann B1, or the Hornby D49. I believe I have 5 class N2's, the only one fitted with a decoder at present is an old Dapol version I believe number 4744, she's a growler but has lovely detail. Catch you all later, but first I'll leave you with the knowledge I've some new pictures of some work I've recently done at North Fangore.
Well I've finally got the PC back to where I can connect my camera & transfer stuff, it's taken time but I'm back in business.
The road surface was painted onto the baseboard with grey emulsion, the road detail I'll add later.
I've now started work adding the brick paper forming the pavements, I'm using Woodland scenic grass mat for the small gardens & park area.
I bought some more flowering tufts from eBay as my Noch range was now getting a little thin in the box, given money is tight at present I bought some wargaming ones which I believe are home made, only A?5 for 56 tufts in several colours. The road surface has been painted & the card base plates now back onto the layout which also define the road area.
Some general views showing street level, still loads to do so the boards are not glued in place yet. Here we see one of the small sections being worked on back on the workbench, I can sit down & take it easy. So after many attempts I managed to get a water wheel made from card that I was happy with. We are motivated by our goal to develop innovative, high quality, finely detailed, easy-to-use products and modelling techniques for your dioramas and model railway layouts.

We are enthusiastic about details whether we produce grass, plants, trees, figures, laser-cut structures or model railways in form of preformed layouts.
By means of individual working time models and seasonal working time accounts NOCH makes it possible to balance family and job - especially appreciated by women with school-age schildren.
The new construction of hall 3 and the installation of the automatic warehouse have been the highest investment in the company’s history.
The first series of delicate accessories manufactured with the modern Laser-Cut technology are produced. NOCH introduces the revolutionary Gras-Master® that makes it possible for all to electrostatically cover model landscapes with grass fibres. The development of an innovative hardfoam allows the first production of extremely realistic walls and tunnel portals. Owing to its increasing success NOCH has an extension to its factory to enlarge the production. In September Erich Noch escapes from the GDR and restarts the business in Maisach near Munich. The first NOCH Catalogue is published including its own products including tunnels and background models. As Erich Noch has been conscripted, he suspended the company in Glauchau until the end of the war. Each locomotive is carefully unpacked, visually inspected for loose parts and damage, and then tested for proper operation including running characteristics and any additional digital functions such as sound effects.
This is done seperately to the rest of the grass which is a mix of greens, notably WS 'Light Green' and WS 'Burnt Grass' and Noch or Heki summer meadow mix ?? You really should be considering an exhibition layout as you most definitely have the talent to work to these standards. Having dropped into 3 hobby shops over the last few days, not one had the Peco Lineside Fencing kit. Every 5th post had a bead of glue run down it to secure the wire in place after some adjustment, that is allowing a little sag here and there along the length of the fence.
After all had cured (reasonably quick !) the individual sections were butted to each other and glued.
I found your 'How to' both interesting and easy to follow, once I've got the materials together I'll have a go and building some myself. I've slowly been building up the town at North Fangore, after trying several street layouts I've finally chosen one I can live with & like. I then read an article in the latest modelling magazine how these are made, so with my home made static grass applicator, 6mm static grass, blobs of PVA & a biscuit tin I made my very first home made batch.
The plant containers are recycled, it was the wifes birthday the other day & whilst she was blowing out the candles I noticed the candle stick holders & my mind was thinking what can I use these for ?
In order to keep this motivation NOCH cares for a harmonious and family friendly working environment. Further voluntary employer's contributions create a motivating working environment encouraging exceptional performance. They are important supporters of our company having a profound knowledge and a great deal of experience.

During the 100 years the company got throuth two World Wars and the flight from the nationalization in the GDR.
Thanks to the new warehouse system we are prepared for our future target of being efficient in warehousing and dispatching numerous products. For the first time model railroad tunnels are manufactured using modern vacuum thermoforming technology.
More bushes and trees are required as well as some appropriate fencing along the track and some more details around the cattle dock.
If painted on a table, the posts would have dragged the paint off the wire whilst trying to set in position on the plank. This is a few lengths of Northeastern Lumber (10" x 3"), painted grimey black with a wash of light grey.
All good fun & it really works which has impressed me, plus it's the first time I've used my static applicator since I built it months ago. The discharge from the sluice will go into the canal basin at Helmsbridge, I will need to modify the foam cliff section so it will accept the new building & put some brick paving sheets down. They all give their very best every day for the model landscaping hobby and to fulfil the requests of our customers. Team spirit and an owner-managed family company where the bosses also roll up their own sleeves provide a flat hierarchy, short decision making processes and a high identification of each employee with the company and its goals. The management is congratulating the jubilees and thanks for the trust-based partnership and successful cooperation. Lime green all round makes a good model look like a toy, not to mention that we are trying to recreate what we see in the real world. I then drilled four holes down the length with a 0.75mm drill bit, approximately 10-12" apart. Care was taken to paint the wire, trying not to get too much paint on the finished grass areas.
After an hour or so, the paint had dried adequately enough to handle, it was measured out on the platform, holes were marked, drilled and the fence positioned. At the beginning it distributed model railway accessories at the side, later an own manufactory was established that developed step by step into the current company. Note: Although the guiebook features an HO Layout, the principles taught are the same for almost all scales. A few holes were punched into the scenery and the fence was situated and glued into position. Another length of post and wire fence will eventually go in on the left of the cattle dock, as seen below. Even in the jubilee year we ventured again on the field of modern technique and innovative production methods: The new Laser-Cut+ Building Kits are a milestone in the production of modern model buildings.

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