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New York Daily News New York City Subway System: A look back at its beginnings New York City Subway Construction New York Citya€™s subway system, the heart and pulse of the Big Apple, opened on Oct.
A little over twenty years ago David Baumgartner, Sean Leahy, Will Veeder and Kris Durso joined those ranks as Muler . Recently I got to talking with a local Lyft driver, Fred from Penfield, and he says from his point of view, the service has been a smashing success. Besides the pink moustaches, it’s also common for drivers and passengers to fist pump at the start of each ride. On Facebook last week I shared an old photo of Rochester’s iconic Mercury statue as it was being removed from its original perch atop the Kimball Tobacco Factory in 1951.
Fast forward to June 2011; the 21 foot tall, 700 pound statue gets a thorough inspection for signs of wear and a good restoration.

A while back, Chris Clemens called attention to Rochester’s growing collection of Little Free Libraries . Now, New Yorkers and city visitors with hearing aids will benefit from a new $13.5 million subway hearing loop project that will install loop systems inside 400 subway booths around the city.
According to an article from NY1, a city cable news service, the project is due to the efforts of Janice Shachter Lintz and her advocacy group, Hearing Access Program. NY1 also reports the hearing loop project had been under consideration for quite some time, but it was only after the MTA received federal stimulus funds that the system could be installed. The factory was demolished to make way for the War Memorial and the statue sat in storage until the Lawyers Cooperative (Aqueduct Building) became his new home in 1973.
Last week Deanna Varble and Ken Braley wrote in to RocSubway and asked me to share a few more they’ve been working on.

In honor of the metros 110th anniversary, check out these striking Daily News photos of its construction. Clifton captured model Tashae Henry posing at the Christopher Street subway station in her Calvins and a black jacket.

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