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MTA employees using a pump train are working around the clock to pump seawater out of the L train's tunnel under the East River. The L, Z and G trains are still largely out of service but could return as early as tomorrow now that the L tunnel under the East River is dry.
Stations at the very southern end of Manhattan where flooding was ceiling high in some cases remain closed. Voter bus shuttles are running for election day to various polling places around the city in places hit by Sandy. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) restored additional subway and, bus and services in time for this morning’s rush hour. Service on the A has been restored in upper Manhattan to 207th Street which has allowed service on the C train to be extended to the 168th Street station.  The restoration of A service to 207th Street will alleviate overcrowding on the 123.
Work continues on restoring service on the G and L lines through northwest Brooklyn, where alternate service on the J and M trains remains crowded.
MTA Bridges and Tunnels opened one lane of the Queens Midtown Tunnel for buses only this morning.

The Queens Midtown Tunnel was flooded with storm surge and sustained significant damage to its mechanical systems that must be repaired. The MTA is also operating special “MTA Voter Shuttles” today to carry voters from damaged polling places to alternate sites established by the Board of Elections on Staten Island, in Coney Island and in the Rockaways. The free Election Day shuttle buses will run every 15 to 20 minutes, in addition to other scheduled bus service in those areas. But because it duplicated existing lines (the C and the E), the MTA took the route out of service in the 1980s. Unlike, say, Adam Ant's comeback tour, the K train is not slated to roll again this decade.
The B train is now running between Bedford Park Boulevard in the Bronx and Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. The G’s Greenpoint tube under Newtown Creek has been pumped out but extensive work remains to repair the signal system.
Carey Tunnel, formerly known as the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, was also flooded by storm surge.

And each passenger car comes complete with a Mahogany roller base and leaded glass display case.
An MTA spokesman told me that even if a line is eliminated, it lives on in the car's roll sign. After the tunnel is pumped dry of water, work will begin to inspect tracks, signals, switches, electrical components, and third rail. The Q train is now operating from 57th Street – 7th Avenue in Manhattan to Brighton Beach.  Customers are reminded that some lines are still running with extended headways.

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