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RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — Throughout his long career, Stefano Cusin has played in Italy, France and Switzerland and coached in Bulgaria, Cameroon and the Congo. NEW YORK (AP) — The power and horror of "Son of Saul," a visceral plunge into the life of a Sonderkommando at Auschwitz-Birkenau, has left audiences staggering since it first debuted at the Cannes Film Festival last May.It won the Grand Prix there, earned the praise of "Shoah" director Claude Landzmann and announced its maker and co-writer, the 38-year-old Hungarian-born Laszlo Nemes, as an uncommonly assured first-time feature filmmaker.
But the 46-year-old, Tuscany-born Cusin says it's only in the Palestinian soccer backwater of Hebron that he has truly rediscovered his passion for the sport."I've discovered again the pleasure to train, to play football, the passion," he said.
But a large volume of passengers at Seattle-Tacoma International in Washington, Newark International in New Jersey and LaGuardia in New York, led to slightly longer delays, the data show.Seattle-Tacoma International Airport spokesman Peter McGraw said six planes were diverted to other airports during the evening because of low visibility caused by fog.
Arrivals and departures have since become normal.In Atlanta, officials are projecting 88,000 travelers to pass through the world's busiest airport by the end of Sunday, making it their busiest day so far this year. I was looking for a challenge, something different, less money but with a big challenge."His arrival on the scene has also transformed the fortunes of scrappy perennial loser al-Ahli al-Khalil.
He took a team with a $1 million annual budget raised mostly from donations to a European training camp where they played friendlies against superior competition.
Can there still be an inner God?"Not for the faint of heart, "Son of Saul" is a deliberate rejection of less severe Holocaust films.
In just nine months, al-Ahli al-Khalil has notched four separate titles and Cusin has become a hero in the city."The al-Ahli al-Khalil football team wasn't a strong one in Palestinian league, we were like any other Palestinian local team," said defender Abdullah Jaber, one of two Palestinian national team members on the squad. It's a harrowing depiction of concentration camps' machinery in action."I'm interested in evil," Nemes said in an interview earlier this fall. New employees have different wage progressions and pension plan contributions than existing employees, MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan said.The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority's 1,415 railroad employees received a 2 percent raise in 2015 and will receive a 3 percent increase in 2016. Exactly the contrary of our representation of evil in a modern world, especially in cinema."Shot on 35mm film, "Son of Saul" stitches together lengthy tracking shots that stay close to Rohrig's Saul.

Jeff Flynn said.In California, transportation officials reported only some fender benders slowing traffic. They contribute 1 percent of their pay for a 40-hour workweek toward health insurance, SEPTA spokesman Andrew Busch said.___THE COMMUTEAbout 105,000 people commute into New York City by NJ Transit on weekdays. Much of the camp's surrounding activity is blurry in the background __ a second layer of action that required its own director.
Caltrans spokeswoman Lauren Wonder said people may have chosen to return from Thanksgiving trips on Saturday — as she did — leaving Sunday as a free day before work.
Officials had warned that only four in 10 would have been able to get in by extra buses that the agency was planning to deploy as a contingency.
The film never depicts the gas chamber, but sits right outside the door.Nemes, who has ancestors who were killed at Auschwitz, wanted to make a film that reminded viewers of the reality of the Holocaust. She also suggested people may have decided to stay home for what she called a "stay-turkey-cation."In Virginia, a chartered bus carrying 51 people, most of them college students, overturned near Richmond on Sunday evening.
While the film has been met by widespread acclaim, it has also drawn skepticism in some quarters for its blend of historical atrocity and a technically cunning filmmaking that, in staying with Saul over a day and a half, bares no context of the Holocaust."Is that the place for a thriller? He also had to leave his family behind in Italy because there are no international schools for his son in Hebron. At the time, NJ Transit was negotiating with unions that had represented employees who had worked for a freight railroad. Otherwise, he said he steers clear of politics and has found other significance to coaching the Palestinian team."I want to win.
The students later were picked up to be driven back to the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech and Radford University.

When the strike ended, NJ Transit had to inspect all the signals and run trains along rails that had rusted before resuming service.___This story has been corrected to New Jersey Transit had proposed workers pay 10 percent to 20 percent of their health care premium costs. New York Times film critic Manohla Dargis called it "a radically dehistoricized, intellectually repellent movie."Nemes confidently brushes aside any such criticisms. The agency had not proposed employees contribute 20 percent of their base salaries toward health insurance.___Associated Press writers Ben Finley in Hamilton and Shawn Marsh in Trenton contributed to this report. So this explains my choice," he said, adding that his success has made up for being away from family and good restaurants.Cusin is joined by a small Italian staff that includes assistant coach Davide Tentoni and trainer Gianluca Sorini. Tentoni, in his first experience abroad, said the Palestinian players are taking soccer back to its roots."There's no shrewdness, there's no use of tactics. I will leave a trace for my family that were scattered into the Polish rivers."It took Nemes six years to make "Son of Saul," which began to form for him when he read vivid personal testimonies of Sonderkommandos from Auschwitz. So if they're winning 3-0, it's not that they stop because they're winning 3-0, they want to score the fourth, the fifth (goal)," he said. Other prisoners doubt whether he could even recognize his son, years after last seeing him. But his struggle __ impossible and doomed __ is mad resistance to the madness all around him."The experience of the camp is very remote to this generation," Nemes says.

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