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A youthful army of spray-gun commandos estimated at no more than 400 has not only painted scrawls on nearly all of the 6,700 subway cars; it has also painted the Transit Authority into a corner. Psychologists say graffiti are an attempt by insignificant people to impose their identity on others, if only until the wall is cleaned.
Back to the present, the emerging problem is the mutilation of station advertisements with boxcutters. Taki 183 was the first one to start using spray paint taking grafitti to a whole new level but magic markers on the inside of trains were way out of control by then. To those who would argue that the NYCTA did little about the graffiti in the early 1970s, I suggest you dig deeper into the TA archives.
The train is clearly being held at a red signal as riders are peering into the tunnel to see why they’re not going anywhere, and the outside is absolutely covered in graffiti. I still have a NY Times article from the early 70s where a reporter asked the MTA why they weren’t doing anything about the problem. Can’t remember if it was a news article or a Letter to the Editor from a high TA official in response to an article about grafitti.

But that, or Ed Koch’s guard dogs, or the white exterior cars, never tried to deal head-on with the problem, and just assume graffiti was systemic and ultamately impossible to eliminate completely). It couldn’t have been at this time, when I would have taken my first subway ride with my parents as I was 6 (perhaps my first ride was years earlier), and this would have been the kind of train I rode on, in fact, from the DeKalb L station.
Grand Army Market Launches May 8Design, Makers, Plants, and More at Grand Army Plaza.The Sunday Flea Is Now In DUMBO!80 vendors under the Manhattan Bridge every Sunday. This means that the police send someone around to talk to the young scrawler’s parents. But the Williamsburg and Bushwick L stations have more of the press coverage on this problem. I had a personal one on one conversation with him in 1984 three weeks after he assumed the Presidency and he told me he was going to make grafitti removal his highest priority. But it’s not that hard to get to Smorgasburg and the Flea, which reopens May 3 at 50 Kent!
In 1972, they started attacking the stations and in the following year the outside of the subway trains, and as they say the rest is history.

That article was written before that even started which shows how big of a problem it was even before 1972. That if he knew beforehand how difficult the job of NYCTA President was, he never would have taken the job because someone always has an excuse why anything you want to do cannot be done. This is the easiest route, and a spring boat ride is ten million times nicer than the subway. From Lower Manhattan, take the A or C train to Hoyt-Schermerhorn and transfer to the G across the platform. If the TA did something about it sooner instead of virtually ignoring the problem except for cleaning the stations occasionally before just giving up, it never would have gotten so bad.

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