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Like with the drone strikes, conservatives are unthinkingly opposing what might have been an effective counter terror operation that is merely a continuation of a program which started under Bush. Glen Greenwald is manipulating conservatives into signing on to his own agenda of weakening America’s defenses against jihad. Intelligence gathering and spying have been going on for ages but the REAL question remains, do we trust the administrations or governments that are carrying it out? There are few things in life that would give me more satisfaction than to see exactly that happen. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! If you cant catch a train or bus whether if its 3pm or 3am-than your system isnt better than nycs system. I think the NYC Subway can benefit from closing for a few hours, it works for just about every other system (including London, Tokyo, etc.), the NYC Subway just looks tired.
They must be cleaning it lately lol, I remember the walls use to look damp and dirty with dirty floors. It's an excellent design for a commuter rail as many people can get to work without transferring to a completely different rail system (like in New York or Boston), but it's not nearly as convenient as the Subway within the city.

But the Obama administration refuses to identify jihad as the cause of these attacks in America (and abroad). Posts using foul language, as well as abusive, hateful, libelous and genocidal posts, will be deleted if seen. Obama might have gone beyond the scope of what the patriot act intended, but I also don’t trust Greenwald. The subway is too large to even attempt to clean like that, I think it would benefit from closing for a couple of hours in the middle of the night (many systems do that), that'd probably save a lot of money which can be used to clean it properly. I had lived in Oceanside in the late 90's and wished that the Sprinter had been built while I was there. However, if a comment remains on the site, it in no way constitutes an endorsement by Pamela Geller of the sentiments contained therein. Without the data mining technology, IRS targeting, and Benghazi lies and cover up, Romney probably would have won the election. If our government has failed the credibility and integrity test, which it has, the the Obama administration can be no more trusted than the KGB when it comes to tactics and goals in intelligence gathering. Well, as long as this is generally what I'm going to see, then it's nothing outside of my comfort zone, I'll be okay.

I made it to Babylon in just over 3 hours and waited less than 5 minutes for each of my transfers. If you wish to use a subway map in your own project, you should consider licensing the official MTA map, or try New York City Subway Route Map by SPUI, which is in the public domain.
Ironically, the DC Metro is falling apart probably much like the NY systems did in the 60s and 70s. What we must do is squeeze and squeeze and squeeze Obama on Trifecta-gate until he screams I QUIT!
Consequently, it is now the 2nd busiest in the nation and is ill prepared for that capacity. Additionally, if you are having trouble seeing the map below (perhaps because you have disabled JavaScript in your browser), Click Here.

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