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NYC Insider Guide NYC Subway Map - FREE Manhattan Maps, Ride the Subway like a Pro! For getting around within the city, the New York City Subway system is an excellent option, with an extensive route map and very reasonable prices to use this form of transport.
This subway system is one of the oldest and most widespread public transport facilities in the world with over 450 stations and round-the-clock service throughout the year. These days the easiest way to travel for buying tickets and save money is to purchase a MetroCard (with daily and monthly passes available). Service below 34th street, where there is no power, is not likely to be restored until this weekend, Mayor Bloomberg said in a press conference yesterday.

Cartographer Jake Coolidge's take on a full-scale Bay Area rapid transit would greatly increase mobility in the region.
A map by Elvin Wong would extend several Boston lines and create State Street Common, a hub made from four stations in downtown Boston. The imaginative Freshwater Rail website provides detailed train and bus schedules for southeast Michigan. Before its citizens voted down a ballot measure, Cincinnati could have had a transit network that looked like this. Elvin Wong takes some creative liberties here but presents transit connections between San Jose and major cities in Silicon Valley.

A slightly different take on expanding Bay Area transit comes from Yonah Freemark, who envisions a heavy rail line running through the western East Bay that connects through the Transbay Terminal and then northern San Francisco. Though the L serves many parts of Chicago, it could always be improved, such as with this fantasy transit take from Craighton Berman. Traveling by subway you can pretty much get to all main areas in the city including to location such as Penn Station and Time Square (the busiest station with its 42nd Street access).

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