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Recently I saw one kid pay at a station in Crown Heights and then walks to the back entrance and just lets through about 20 of his other friends. Question: Which is more important to you, getting where you are going in a timely manner or making sure that the MBTA gets every cent it is due?The only solution is full prepayment at every stop - very difficult to implement, or a conductor at every center door - very expensive. Another troublesome place is Red Line Kendall Station, inbound, at the south (unattended) entrance. The ADA gates also function as gates for larger-than-life Americans, and people with luggage. Given this whole discussion, it's still a total mystery to me why the T doesn't simply phase out the paper tickets and go to a 100% tap-and-go system.
I was up at Orient Heights last month and people had figured out how to jump the glass partisans on the stairwells. 43% of subway fare-beaters are kids, report finds, costing the MTA millions BY Trevor Kapp, Pete Donohue DAILY NEWS WRITERS Wednesday, July 20, 2011, 4:00 AM A A A facebook Tweet email Bryan Smith for News Youngster passes under turnstile at Times Square station recently. Fare-beating busts have surged in recent years, and so has the number of people doing time for the $2.50 crime a€” making it one of the top charges that has led to incarcerations, a Daily News analysis has found.
The NYPD has said its a€?broken windowsa€? strategy of targeting low-level crimes such as fare evasion helps prevent more serious crimes and gives cops the opportunity to check people for open warrants, weapons and drugs.
The News looked only at collars in the citya€™s subway system where fare-beating was the most serious charge, and found such arrests have increased 69% a€” from 14,681 in 2008 to 24,747 in 2013 a€” and are on pace to be slightly higher this year, according to data from the state Division of Criminal Justice Services. Meanwhile, fare-beating summonses a€” which carry much less serious consequences a€” are down 28% on both subways and buses, from 123,432 in 2008 to 89,128 last year, according to the MTAa€™s Transit Adjudications Bureau. MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said fare evasion costs up to $100 million a year, and that the agency works in tandem with the NYPD to identify hot spots that can be targeted for enforcement. From 2008 through the first half of this year, nearly 37,500 people have gotten sentences for fare evasion that involved time behind bars, including time served, and 1,802 of those people were minors, according to state data. The number of people arrested this year for fare-beating who have received jail time a€” 3,084, including 75 minors a€” is only exceeded by all narcotics charges combined.
Cops generally handcuff someone for fare-beating instead of writing up a ticket if the person has an open warrant or a criminal record, or doesna€™t have ID on them, said NYPD an spokeswoman. Pedro Estrella, 20, who graduated from Millennium Arts Academy in the Bronx, was handcuffed for fare-beating in May because he didna€™t have ID on him. Estrella said he had just bought a shiny gray suit, black button-down shirt and striped tie for his prom, and was using a frienda€™s student MetroCard to take the train home because his student card is only good for the bus.
Estrella, who plans to attend Berkeley College in New Jersey this fall, was given a six-month adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, or ACD, which means that if he stays out of trouble for that time period the charge will be automatically dismissed. Anthony Dailey, 28, a yoga instructor who lives in the Bronx, said he jumped the turnstile because his card wouldna€™t swipe. He said he was apprehended by two officers and taken to a jail cell with urine-filled plastic bottles, next to a homeless man who was taking up the entire bench.
John Eterno, a retired NYPD captain, author and a professor at Long Islanda€™s Molloy College, said cops should enforce the law, but questioned whether they are concentrating on the turnstile at the expense of the platforms and trains, where more serious crimes tend to happen.
The outcome of a case is largely determined by the defendanta€™s prior criminal history, although a recent study commissioned by the Manhattan district attorneya€™s office found race also played a factor. For turnstile jumping, The Newsa€™ analysis of state data found Asians fared best, with 70% receiving an ACD and 13% getting sentences that involved jail time. The faint stench of urine sprang forth from the empty holding cell in which I was to occupy for the next two hours.
My arresting officer, who, for the sake of protecting his privacy and, of course, nonsensical humor, will be referred to as “Mr. Well, an overwhelming gust of wind swiftly pushed me through an open gate near the turnstile at a subway station.

I found myself frozen in disbelief; it hadn’t occurred to me that I didn’t get a chance to pay the fare. I thought all I was going to receive was a summons, but then he told me that he had to cuff me and take me to the precinct.
When I was younger I always thought that if I ever got arrested it would be for attempting to mimic the archetypally conditioned and ill-fated career path for inner city youth, which has made the likes of Pablo Escobar and “Freeway” Ricky Ross notoriously famous. I let him know that while getting arrested wasn’t my cup of tea, there may have been a silver lining to the situation.
However short our interactions were between filling out papers, fingerprinting and mug shots, he was always cordial and made sure I was comfortable, offering me bathroom breaks, and constantly detailing the next step in the process. I agree Susan, Stanley feel free to leave the country or even state as you will not be missed by even your family i’m sure.
You should be beat the same way like that CA Highway Patrol beat that woman that was walking away from him.
My husband grew up in Brooklyn and we lived there after our marriage so I know what New York is like. So, the free lance writer was deliberately trying to get past the turnstiles without paying? Once the train is crowded, it's not uncommon for the operator to open all the doors from that point to Fenway. Those faregates are bigger to prevent someone from jumping over them and are located where no one is around to stop them. Most of them live, work, and play around the city so it certainly makes a ton of sense to have a pass, certainly more so than commuters who ride once in the morning and once in the evening.The average college student isn't riding near as frequently as a commuter, though. Nearly 37,500 people have gotten sentences for the $2.50 crime that involved incarceration, including time-served, and 1,802 of those people were minors, according to data obtained by the Daily News.
Blacks fared worst, with 31% receiving ACDs and 36% getting sentences that involved jail time.
And so if police train their sights disproportionately on black people, then black people are also going to be more likely to have a record for these minor offenses. I took a seat on the steel bench that appeared to have once bared a crisp, royal blue paint job, but then again, it was a holding cell. Dealing with New York’s hospitals, precincts, courts, postal service, and public transportation, I’ve learned that the term quickly is loosely translated to mean a few hours, days, months or years. This inconceivable act by Mother Nature literally caught me by surprise — a phenomenon that has been cited by local meteorologists and environmental scientists to occur only when boy scouts and pigs seemingly disappear from the entrance of New York’s subway stations. I believe my exact reaction was, “Are you fucking serious?” (Normally, for Blacks and Latinos, this type of reaction warrants a couple of dozen bullet holes to the torso.) He explained that because of the high volume of criminal activity in this particular subway station I had to be taken in. T and I stood under a clothing store’s awning, dodging the rain as he described each step of the arresting process. I sensed a friendly undertone to this manner of questioning, as opposed to the rigorous and smartass methods used by most cops. Perhaps if I had made it out to the gym, like I planned, I would have been met with some form of misfortune. T didn’t necessarily alter my views on the police as a group, or illuminate me with the truth about cops as persons, which remains unchanged: An encounter is simply contingent on the individual, because this broad group of men and women carries with them various personalities, backgrounds, characteristics, morals and ethics, but most importantly, life experiences. Cops are just like any group of people, there are a percentage of a$$ holes, but a large number of regular guys who work, go out at night and just live as normal a life as a policeman can. Of course there were some bad apples, just like doctors, lawyers, bankers, presidents, etc. I lived in New York almost my entire life except for college and not once did a gust of wind lift me across or past the turnstiles.

And if you want the details on Section 1050.4 of the MTA NYC Transit Rules of Conduct, click here. At Wood Island, I watched a man on the opposite platform and wait for a train to come into the station. Except for students who commute to class (largely BU and Harvard students in Allston) and those who work far off campus - both groups usually do have a pass, most students do not need the T to get to class. And when you walk into court with a record, youa€™re less likely to be given the benefit of the doubt or a second chance,a€? said Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union. Amenities are not expected to be on par with the aesthetic qualities of a five star hotel, and that bench, which was noticeably worn down, appeared as if it wanted to forget the revolting scent of a few flatulent memories absorbed by its cold skin. Due to the lack of technology, I’m sure they were unable to capture the wind gust that escorted me through the open gate. Once he realized that he arrested a freelance writer who just wanted to hit the gym before heading to work, he felt guilty for spoiling my day. He’s a humble man, yet it’s evident that he takes pride in doing his job accurately and honestly.
They still have to see the Dentist, Doctor, shop at the local grocery store and take out the trash and garbage like the rest of us. Sheeple like you will be panicked and in total helplessness when those same cops turn on you. And even if there were a quota, obviously there are still sad little writers who want to steal from the public pocketbook while the rest of us pay for our rides. His arrest record will be out there for everybody to see…might be difficult getting hired, considering, and it must not pay well.
They 8 have door set up switches like they do on the rapid transit cars where you can set the trains doors to operate from the first car without other operators on the other cars.
Even odder, when the millions go to work every day or to school or go about their business, those gusts of wind only choose a tiny percentage of people to blow across the turnstiles. What difference does it make if they’re arrested on the first of the month or the thirty-first? He’s the type of person you would love to have in your corner, as a friend in your life or, in my case, as the man who arrested me. Please feel free to leave NyC or even America perhaps to many of these lawless countries and see how you fare.
When they want services, tell the, I don’t service people who make false arrests under color of authority and falsify arrests and police reports. Even better how about you realize your an idiot and start n ow on altering your mind and your lifeas there is still time.
I have seen kids climb up on the gate , reach over the high barrier and wave a hockey stick to open the gate, letting five or six kids in.
Montelleone felt guilty about evading the fare, she said."They never enforce it," she said. Unless they don’t want to then deny them and isolate them the way they arrest you and isolate you.

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