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There was at one point a turning track that sent trains back to Brooklyn right at the bellmouth of the Bridge. During the Dual contracts many provisions were made that we may not immediately know about.
On the right side of the diagram or the north side of the station in this cross section lies an actual closed up tunnel that would have been the IRT connection to Brooklyn. Theres more to it then this but the BMT 4th Ave Line hmany provisions of overengineering more than any other line I can possibly think of.
At one point during the construction of the line there were plans to build a New Uterect Ave Line from 36th Street.
If you notice at how I aimed the camera, the original end of the station can be seen as the tilework runs directly into the tunnels for what seems like 300 feet. The list is endless as to what hidden provisions exist on this line served by the D, N and R in Brooklyn.
Looking northbound approaching 36 Street from 59 Street, one can also see that there's a ramp running parallel to the ramp coming down from the West End line. These are photos of the underground bridge on 4th Ave, which we all know is four tracks not 2.

Next time I'm in the area, I'll have to take a look again - there js at least one area devoid of track beside the D line tracks between the portal south of 36 St. I noticed that as soon as the Coney Island train sweeps through the radial curve as soon as it leaves the West End switch interlocking from 36th Street (By the feed into the SBK) there is actually a sealed second set of tunnels right next to the current ROW served by the D. I passed by there today, and it looks like it could fit 3 tracks running parallel to the current pair of tracks. This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account.
Since then it has been filled up but the spurs actually still exists if one fans the RFW of the Manhattan Bridge. Since these spurs was never developed into a tunnel under the Narrows, the tracks were made to sweep inward immediately south of the station. This was because Dual Contract engineers intended to expand the Bay Ridge Line, into a 4 track line.
I guess those tunnels and area you are mentioning were sealed when the BMT West End elevated line was built (Over the old West End surface railroad ROW) which used the same Culver Cut that is now the 36th Street Yard, and the two level 9th Ave station? There's one small one closest to the existing pair of tracks, and a larger one that looks like it could accomodate 2 more.

Under the BRT, it was decided to construct spurs into the BRT Culver cut, now known as the BMT WEst End Line. As an aside, I don't believe the loop you referred to was ever used in service, it was built provisionally, but never used.
The single non-electrified track that currently connects to the southbound West End track was modified many years ago (reducing 2 tracks to 1). The station was resultantly moved north to accommodate for new spurs that will take trains to 9th Ave. It's also obvious from the missing columns in the area that there are provisions for switches to be installed as well.
Yard leads there now, those follow the ramps if you're riding the train towards Coney Island.

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