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New York is a great town for visitors because it has so many things to offer each and every person. Choose an item that reminds you of one place that you surely spent some time on during your trip: the subway. Messenger bags are all over New York City; bike messengers can be seen riding in a hectic manner on every busy street. Cheska is a resident blogger at Beat the Brochure who has spent many a good year backpacking round the world, as well as a stint living in Beijing. Back on the 2 and 5 , Dero Tfa blessing an original Nyc subway map with his classic style ! If you love the city and have a great time exploring it you probably want to remember your trip by picking up at least a few of the hundreds of souvenirs available. The New York Transit Museum has great subway t-shirts that have the various routes printed on them.

This is a souvenir that you can keep out for guest to peruse while they are relaxing in your home.
New York is full of souvenir shops that offer tourists low quality souvenirs at high prices – it is likely that they will fall apart before you get them home!
It can say New York on it if you desire or be plain; either way it will remind you of the city every time you use it. Focus on souvenirs that are inexpensive, authentic and remind you of what a good time you had in this fabulous city that never sleeps.
Your subway map is also an inexpensive souvenir that can be framed and placed in your home as an interesting art piece and souvenir.
Scrapbooks are a great idea to collect memories, whether it be the boarding pass from your cheap flights to New York, a ticket stub from a New York Yankees game or a receipt from your tour on the Staten Island ferry. Any New York bookstore will have a section on New York style or history; simply choose a book on a subject that you enjoy.

These bags are available in most of the major shopping areas of the city or in certain souvenir shops.
Whether historical times, famous people or architecture, you will have a souvenir that will captivate you for years to come. Make sure that you get one that is made from good materials and is well-crafted so that it will last for many years to come.

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