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Earlier this year Google added a new transit layer to its own mapping application to show transit routes in the 400+ cities where it has data. Unfortunately, neither the data nor the imagery is available in the API version of Google Maps. Indeed, though Google receives hundreds of transit feeds from hundreds of agencies, only a handful have data accessible to other developers. Of course, the state holds the best GIS data of all, but their maps offering is so meager it makes me a little sad to pay taxes. The "Holy Grail" of NYC GIS Maps, the "NYCMAP" (pronounced "Nice Map") is still not available to the public.
Here's a good article on the NYCMap situation, and a short briefing paper delivered to the City Council in January before a hearing about opening access to the data. PREVIOUS POSTProcrastination and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy The BBC has just published an interview with Steve Meretzky, who co-authored, with Douglas Adams, the Hitchiker's Guide Infocom adventure.

You can keep up with me elsewhere on my reblog, my vox blog, randomWalks or flickr, and last but not least, my Typepad profile. Now they've announced this is available for the New York City transit system including subway maps.
While Google provides programmatic access to driving directions, as well as walking directions -- the third type, transit, has never been a part of the Maps API.
This morning I looked up my apartment and then tried to drag the map over to my friend's house. NYC's Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications has put out a call to find out which NYCMap layers are most in demand. The result is an easy way to see nearby bus and train stops on the web or on some mobile phones. The reason could be that there are extra factors, like fares and zones, that don't quite fit the same structure as other directions.

It's easy to see the benefit of providing data to Google, but a harder sell to open up to any developers.
Previously he worked at SendGrid, edited ProgrammableWeb and wrote for Wired and Webmonkey. I wonder if this will inspire Google to act faster or allow them to drag their feet while they fry bigger fish.

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