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The day's most popular stories from Gothamist every evening in your inbox from our newsletter. Mass transit lover Chris Whong grew up in Maryland, where he developed a fascination for the DC Metro. While in grad school, Whong worked at the Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management. He recalled "being intimidated by the NYC subway map the first time I came here as an adult in 2007.
On his website, Whong explained how he developed this map, "I’ve excluded Brooklyn and Queens, which dominate the NYC Subway Map, in order to keep the relative width the same as the original. Whong joins the ranks of others who have re-imagined the our subway map, like Max Roberts who created a version of it in concentric circles. Sign up for Gothamist Daily, which will deliver the day's most popular stories to your inbox at 5 p.m. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! The one thing you do notice though, and you see it in that video above, when you travel overseas is that train service is always ALWAYS packed.
I also think a lot of people would put London, Paris, Tokyo, Moscow, and Seoul ahead of New York.
I've gotten into altercations with people on the train after Braves games when they think the railcar is full and I cram my way on, despite people saying there is no room. Because commuter rails serves suburbs and exurbs, thats there purpose and they have nothing to do with city proper or inner ring burb.

Likewise, Boston also has significantly more light rail ridership than any other city, and the lines enter a subway as they converge downtown, that inter-operates with the heavy rail subway lines. You do bring up a very good point about comparing the public transit available in American cities with international ones is not really fair.
Secondly, it's pretty hard for any American city to compete with cities around world just based on the fact that other countries may have only one or two major cities in which a huge level of public transit is needed.
A version of the NYC subway map, which had been lost to history, was recently found and recreated digitally by Reka Komoli.
Personally, I would’ve found the map tough to use as a tourist, none of the station names are indicated. As a sixth grader, he even wrote to the Metro's agency to find out how he could obtain a "real" Metro map, versus a reprint or poster. I was that kid who had to be in the front car so I could watch the train operator and see the tracks through the front window.
Whong likes Roberts' Circles map very much, "Circles are the last thing that comes to mind when you think about gridded NYC, but this map gives you a whole new perspective and is much simpler to read than the spaghetti of our current subway map. Those guys in the video above, they have a full time job as crushers (I was poked by their clubs and it was not fun).
With the exception of NYC, all of our systems are embarrassed by many of our overseas counterparts. For instance, Seoul has been able to build a extremely impressive and extensive subway in a short amount of time because Seoul is pretty much the only big city in South Korea. But for the past three years, Whong has been living in New York City and he decided to reinterpret the NYC subway map in the style of the Metro map.

The Subway (which includes the Greenline and it's 250,000 riders, plus the commuter rail, buses, and the boats. His design separated local from express routes and assigned separate colors to each of them.
For instance, is there anyone on this thread who could say that if they won the lottery one of the first 5 things they would buy would be a very fast expensive sports car or overly luxurious sedan for the sake of just having one? Here, we have to share government level transportation funding among at least a dozen cities.
Not to say that this type of mentality can not be found elsewhere, but in America this symbiotic relationship we have with our cars causes most people not to car if there is public transit or not.
So to use as little space as possible, D’Adamo employed colored squares along shared lines. That has lead to a lack of interest and will in development (and funding) of new PT lines in pretty much every city. On the bright side, that mentality has waned in recent decades and people are seemingly interested in reinvesting in PT again.

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