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Major Attractions and Locations:West Side, Upper East Side, American Museum Of Natural History, The Pond, The Mall, The Plaza Hotel, Kettering Medical Center, Guggenheim Museum, Zoo, Frick Collection, Whitney Art Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center, Javits Convention Center, NYU Medical Center, Madison Square Garden, Penn Station, Grand Central Station, NYC Public Library, Empire State Building, U.
This up-and-coming neighborhood combines old-world immigrant dwellings with state-of-the-art townhouse renovations. Located between Houston and 14th Streets, between the East River and Broadway, the East Village has long been known as New York's hip, cutting-edge neighborhood. This area spans from 96th Street to 142nd Street, between the East and Harlem Rivers and Fifth Avenue.
Home to the New York Stock Exchange, this neighborhood is the "Capital Capital" of the world. Cobblestoned streets, tiny green parks, row houses, and intimate bistros coupled with exotic late-night restaurants, raucous bars, independent record and poster shops, and many music venues create a neighborhood full of rebelliousness and charm.
The hub of African American culture, Central Harlem is bordered by East Harlem, home to large Puerto Rican and Mexican communities for decades, and by Washington Heights, a center for Dominican culture. Any foodie worth his sauce knows that no trip to New York is complete without a stroll down Mulberry Street between Spring and Canal Streets. A gritty bohemia bound to attract young hipsters with its funky boutiques, understated restaurants, and an all-night vibe. Exclusive clothing stores on Fifth Avenue and well-known landmarks have turned this area into a highly desirable residential neighborhood. University students and young families have taken over this area known for its gorgeous Gothic architecture. This area, named for the TRIangle BElow CAnal which is formed by Canal Street, Broadway, and West Street, is nouveaux chic. Less pretentious than the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side mixes restored brownstones with modern high-rise apartment complexes. 2003: The World's Fair picture window R-36 "Redbird" trains finally displaced by R-62A stainless steel cars moved over from the IRT main lines. The Upper East Side (UES) of Manhattan spans the section of the island from 59th St to 96th St east of Central Park and 5th Ave.
The primary subway service to the Upper East Side is the 4 and 5 express lines and 6 local line, which run under Lexington Ave.
Serving the very southern end of the district is the F line, which stops at Lexington Ave and 63rd St, and the N, Q, and R lines, which run along 59th St and stop at 5th Ave and Lexington Ave. From the Upper West Side, a walk or bike ride to the Upper East Side through Central Park is very pleasant in good weather. The stretch of Fifth Ave alongside Central Park in the Upper East Side is commonly referred to as "Museum Mile", though museums and galleries are also to be found off this particular beaten track.
The Metropolitan Museum and the Frick Collection are among the many venues in the neighborhood that host concert series. Madison Avenue is the center of New York's haute couture, full of small shops selling fabulously expensive clothes, accessories, and housewares to people who can afford not to look at the price tag.
Tisane Pharmacy & Cafe, 340 East 86 Street (Between 1st and 2nd Avenues), ? 212-517-0037, [13]. Text is available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0, images are available under various licenses, see each image for details.

Can you think of a place other than the Big Apple that has over 150 museums, 900 art galleries, 38 Broadway theatres, 125 Off-Broadway theatres, 150 experimental Off-Off-Broadway theatres, 18,000 restaurants, 2,000 bars and nightclubs, 30 department stores, 1,700 parks, 12,184 taxis, and 656 miles of subway track?
Brand-name specialty stores, unique bookstores, and one-of-a-kind boutiques line the streets. You are likely to hear no English, only Mandarin and Cantonese, while staring at the many roasted ducks prominently displayed in the restaurant windows.
Coffee shops, thrift stores, eclectic restaurants that won't break your budget, and performing spaces fill the area.
Largely diversified, this neighborhood showcases its many cultures through art exhibitions, dance shows, and drama performances. The southernmost part of Manhattan features glorious architecture, bustling business types, and a host of restaurants suitable for power lunches or top-notch business dinners. There is a wealth of historic sites, unique retailers, and cultural attractions, including the Apollo Theater. This little piece of Italy features upscale restaurants, authentic fare, sidewalk cafes, cozy nooks, private back gardens, romance, cappuccino, and gelato that you won't find outside Italia itself. Bordered by Houston Street, the Bowery, and the East River, the Lower East Side once attracted many Jewish immigrants, and the generous delis in the area still serve up heaping portions of pastrami on rye.
Younger crowds have brought in a great nightlife, with a string of bars and restaurants on Third Avenue. In order to supply well-known clothing manufacturers, many specialty wholesale stores will sell only buttons or just zippers.
Packed coffee shops and cozy bookshops complete this picture of a college town in the middle of New York City.
Desire for larger, cheaper, less run-of-the-mill spaces turned this neighborhood into renovated loft-style apartment buildings and trendy bistros and shops. In addition to all the theaters, restaurants, moviehouses, and shopping boutiques and megastores, people - both native and visiting - crowd the safe streets at all hours of the day.
Formerly known for warehouses and industrial spaces, this neighborhood has been transformed into prime real estate with expansive, open-space, high-ceilinged apartments and some of the finest cuisine in New York. Private-school students, complete in plaid skirts and polo shirts, can be found crowding the streets in classy cliques. Ethnic restaurants and dance studios complement European bistros and brand-name megastores. The R-188s are retrofitted R-142 cars displaced from the IRT main lines augmented by several new trainsets.
The single wooden mezzanine has a token booth at the center and a turnstile bank at either side. The UES includes Lenox Hill, Yorkville, Carnegie Hill and areas along Park, Madison and 5th Aves.
All three lines stop at 59th St and 86th St, with the 6 also stopping at 68th St, 77th St, and 96th St. Note that the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the primary museums in this area, is covered under the Central Park page. Home of Gracie Mansion, the Official Residence of the Mayor of New York, Carl Schurz Park also boasts wonderful views of Hell Gate and the East River.

Anyone who hopes to make it into New York's high society makes regular trips to Barney's, where the clothes and accessories are priced to empty all but the fattest wallets.
German style food and drink at an authentic 1936 beer garden in Yorkville, the historically German neighborhood of Manhattan's Upper East Side. A luxury boutique hotel, the Carlyle offers rooms and suites for extended stays, and luxury apartments and rentals. Expensive art galleries, pricey family-owned restaurants, and gourmet food shops complete the snobbish, but fun, setting. A branch of the Smithsonian Institution, the Cooper-Hewitt is devoted to historic and contemporary design, with changing exhibits.
The former home of steel baron Henry Clay Frick, this sprawling mansion is filled with Frick's enormous personal art collection, displayed as he left it. Probably the most famous of the Guggenheim foundations (others found in Bilbao, Venice, Berlin and Las Vegas), which hold avant-garde modern art by artists such as Kandinsky and Mondrian, the New York branch is housed in a unique and famous Frank Lloyd Wright-designed building rendered in a rounded, organic form and completed in 1959. Containing artifacts spanning 4,000 years of art and Jewish culture, with a collection of 26,000 objects – paintings, sculpture, works on paper, photographs, archaeological artifacts, ceremonial objects and broadcast media.
Founded in 1931, the Whitney Museum is known for displaying contemporary American art even more up-to-date than the Museum of Modern Art. The Y's Kaufmann Concert Hall is one of the premiere concert halls in the city, and its lecture and concert series feature many well-known groups and individuals. Compared to other New York parks, Carl Schurz is extremely quiet, given that the surrounding area is almost exclusively residential. A local, independent pharmacy combining the intimacy of a cozy cafe with the convenience of a fully functioning pharmacy. Since this is the only north-south subway line serving the east side, these trains can get very crowded during rush hour. Be sure to take the elevator to the top floor, then follow the spiral viewing floors downwards to the street level.
The museum also hosts the annual SummerNights concert series and the annual New York Jewish Film Festival [5].
It is most famous for its long-standing tradition of hosting a biennial art show that displays many lesser-known artists new to the American art scene.
Some fans particularly recommend the chamber music concerts featuring members of the New York Philharmonic. Tisane has become a community hub - a place for customers to mingle, drink lattes, sample the healthy selection of teas, treat their kids to fountain drinks and stock up on herbal medicine, homeopathy and European skin products. The collection is impressive, including works by Whistler, Corot, El Greco, Turner, Renoir, and Rembrandt.

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