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Buzzfeed ranked the best and worst NYC subway lines yesterday using lots of scientific experiments and empirical data, and it just so happens that our very own Q train came in at #1! Given the July-October Parkside, Beverley, and Cortelyou platform rehab fiasco (southbound platform work is scheduled to begin next month), August’s kitten frolic-based delays, and your other recent experiences on the line, are you still as fond of the Q? Mike NudelmanAn artist's rendering of human-size bedbugs riding on a train.Just as New Yorkers started to breathe easy again on the subways, bedbugs have been reported on yet another N train, according to CBS New York. Bedbugs were also sighted on other trains this past weekend, including the N, Q, and 6, according to the New York Daily News, citing unnamed sources.
And one rider reported seeing bedbugs on a 7 train earlier this month, but the Metropolitan Transportation Authority inspected and found no evidence of the critters.

The first reported sighting happened at the beginning of August when four N-line trains were taken out of service to be fumigated.
In previous instances, the bugs were found in the seat cushions in the cabs used by conductors.
The MTA has fumigated trains in which bedbugs have been found as well as crew locker rooms in Astoria and Coney Island. New York City's bedbug problems aren't limited to the subway a€” the pests were also found in PIMCO's office at 1633 Broadway. Expect MTA Subway service changes on 13 lines, including the 4, 5, 6, 7, A, C, E, L, S, & F train.

Bad news after Asian resident beaten by NYPD during jaywalking arrest: tickets are on the rise. And are you taking the B’s refusal to hang with you on weekends personally, or just facing the fact that hey, the B hangs with no one then?
On some subway lines (like the 4), you wonder whether you’ll have enough oxygen to breathe.

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