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This means the transit agency will scrutinize every aspect of the lines, from their on-time performance to the cleanliness of the stations. In a letter to State Senator Daniel Squadron, who had requested the review, MTA chairman Tom Prendergast said the studies "will produce new insights and suggestions for improving the subway system." But while he offered hope, he also sought to manage expectations.
The C is the perennial loser in one annual rating of city subway lines, and advocacy group the Riders Alliance is campaigning to improve it. MTA employees using a pump train are working around the clock to pump seawater out of the L train's tunnel under the East River. The L, Z and G trains are still largely out of service but could return as early as tomorrow now that the L tunnel under the East River is dry. Stations at the very southern end of Manhattan where flooding was ceiling high in some cases remain closed. Voter bus shuttles are running for election day to various polling places around the city in places hit by Sandy. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) restored additional subway and, bus and services in time for this morning’s rush hour. Service on the A has been restored in upper Manhattan to 207th Street which has allowed service on the C train to be extended to the 168th Street station.  The restoration of A service to 207th Street will alleviate overcrowding on the 123. Work continues on restoring service on the G and L lines through northwest Brooklyn, where alternate service on the J and M trains remains crowded. MTA Bridges and Tunnels opened one lane of the Queens Midtown Tunnel for buses only this morning. The Queens Midtown Tunnel was flooded with storm surge and sustained significant damage to its mechanical systems that must be repaired. The MTA is also operating special “MTA Voter Shuttles” today to carry voters from damaged polling places to alternate sites established by the Board of Elections on Staten Island, in Coney Island and in the Rockaways. The free Election Day shuttle buses will run every 15 to 20 minutes, in addition to other scheduled bus service in those areas.
The subway station project was delayed for nearly three years while Transit Wireless, the company chosen to set up the system at no cost to the NY MTA, got its financing in order. New York City straphangers are of two minds about the lack of WiFi and cell phone service in the subway. There's something for both sides in the NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority's current project to bring the internet and phone use underground.  For those who want the service because it'll help emergency responders communicate and help riders use transit apps on their mobile devices--or because they absolutely MUST check their emails or headlines--they'll have it at three stations by the end of the year.
For those who don't want to hear a stranger discuss his grocery list at high volume, it'll be a full four years before the system's remaining 271 platforms are wirelessly enabled.
Transit Wireless will charge telecom companies for use of the wireless signal and then split the profits with the MTA. The NY MTA also says there will be WiFi and cell phone service in a non-subway tunnel -- on its Metro-North commuter line between 97th Street and Grand Central Terminal, and in the terminal itself. NY MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan said the main benefit would be improved safety on platforms.

Storm Sandy caused an almost 30 percent increase in subway delays during the first three months of 2013. The study only counted alerts about what it termed controllable delays, such as mechanical breakdowns; it didn't count uncontrollable delays, such as police actions and sick passengers. The MTA got most of the subway system back up and running a few weeks after Sandy struck in late October.
Commuters at the Bedford Avenue subway station onboard a crowded L Train December 22, 2014.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is trying to decide which of the two potentially painful scenarios it will inflict on people who rely on the L train to get across the city’s East River. The agency presented the options in the first of two public hearings on Thursday night in Brooklyn. One proposal for repairs would halt all service through the tunnel and on the Manhattan portion of the line for 18 months, while keeping service going in the section that runs through Brooklyn. As 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported, MTA Chair Tom Prendergast said both would result in pain for straphangers. The L Train runs beneath 14th Street in Manhattan and connects to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and several other Brooklyn communities going east to Canarsie. Commuters said they are anxious to share their opinions at tonight’s meeting and learn more about what plans could be in store.
Ridership on the line has increased dramatically since 1990, with 400,000 rides on an average day, 225,000 of which are through the Canarsie Tube running under the East River.
In January, the Straphangers Campaign said losing the L train would be tougher than when the Montague Tunnel was out of service for R train repairs because there were more alternatives. There’s heavy damage in the tunnel under the East River from Superstorm Sandy, and it has to be fixed. The idea of implementing a gondola lift over the East River has also gained some attention.
MTA officials say the decision on which plan to go with will be made in the next few months. If you ride the L train between Brooklyn and Manhattan at odd hours of the day, get ready for a little more automation in your lifestyle. And it also uses the oldest cars in the subway system: the R32s are currently in their 50th year of service, and aren't slated to be replaced until 2017. The B train is now running between Bedford Park Boulevard in the Bronx and Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. The G’s Greenpoint tube under Newtown Creek has been pumped out but extensive work remains to repair the signal system.
Carey Tunnel, formerly known as the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, was also flooded by storm surge. The authority's board selected the company in 2007 but didn't give it a "notice to proceed" until Broadcast Australia decided to back the company in July 2010.

They see it as either a galling void or a sanctuary from modern life's near-constant connectivity. The authority says it expects to earn at least $30 million dollars over ten years from the deal.
That expected finding comes from a Straphangers Campaign study of electronic alerts by the New York MTA. The MTA deems a delay worthy of an alert if passenger service is disrupted for 8 minutes or more.
But officials have warned that salt water may have rendered some electrical components less reliable, even after they'd been cleaned. But it will either be closed entirely for 18 months, or see extremely limited service for three years, under two possible plans for repairing damage caused by Superstorm Sandy. The other proposal would allow one track to remain in operation below the East River, but with significantly limited service for three years. There would also be shuttle buses between L trains and other subways along with increased bus and ferry service between Brooklyn and Manhattan, CBS2’s Ilana Gold reported. Some of these fast-changing neighborhoods have become magnets for young people, artists, musicians and others who can no longer afford to live in ultra-pricey Manhattan. However, some admitted they’re not willing to stick around and deal with any possible inconvenience. The proposed Skyway from Williamsburg to the Lower East Side would be able to carry roughly 200,000 passengers a day — slightly less than the subway — and cost around $134 million.
As of today, the L will become the first NY subway line to be fully controlled by Communications Based Train Control, or CBTC, initially used overnights and during non-peak hours.
After the tunnel is pumped dry of water, work will begin to inspect tracks, signals, switches, electrical components, and third rail. The Q train is now operating from 57th Street – 7th Avenue in Manhattan to Brighton Beach.  Customers are reminded that some lines are still running with extended headways. That might explain the increase in delay alerts during the first three months of this year.
It allows the trains to effectively run themselves, closer and faster than their meatbag conductors could otherwise, which should mean more trains more often. The most improved line was the much-maligned G, which had 19 percent fewer delay alerts in the ten months before Sandy than during the same period in the previous year. For 50 years, 1010 WINS has been a news and information utility for the New York metropolitan area. Because of that there will still be humans watching the controls and, we'd imagine, napping occasionally.

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