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If anyone would like the RR Track data files to play around with any layouts I've come up with, just let me know and I can email them to you. The dimensions of the layout are 6 feet by 11 feet 3.5 inches, plus a few inches more in each direction because of the roadbed. I have two tressle bridges, two girder bridges, a switch tower, a yard tower, a house, various railroad and highway signs, a water tower, and a number of smaller accessories and freight loads. This makes the inside and outside loops more independent in terms of position and size, and makes it a little easier to make everything fit without too many pieces of fractional track. Another way to do the reversing loop is to have an independent loop inside the O-54 inner loop.

The next thing is to make the layout a bit more interesting by having one of the reversing loops come back on itself rather than forming the familiar figure 8. You would want to add those to make your operating layout more than just a way to run trains continuously.
If you really wanted to give yourself lots of options, you could add a passing siding on the outside loop, an O-42 yard off of the reversing loops, and an O-54 yard or spurs off of the inner loop. The following layout based on LAYOUT-1D is just under 16 feet wide and less than 8 feet deep.
Notice that I've also replaced the two crossovers with a single double crossover using 4 O-72 turnouts, a 45-degree crossover, and 4 pieces of fractional track.

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