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As the base for the track, they're using Trex, which they cut in trapezoidal shapes to match the curved track. Long before LGB reinvigorated garden railroading with their "G-Gauge" trains, people had been running other kinds of trains outdoors, including O-gauge trains from companies like Lionel.
If you don't already have Lionel trains and accessories, and you want a garden railroad, please investigate Large Scale trains, like those by AristoCraft, Bachmann Big Hauler, and LGB - it really is easier to build a garden railroad with trains that are made to run outside.
But if you own and love Lionel and similar trains, you can have a working O gauge railroad outside. Introduction to "O Gauge Outside - An overview of the state of the hobby, including both the successes that have occurred and the compromises folks have had to make. Planning an O-Gauge-Outside Railroad - What to consider, what options have been tried, how to protect your trains, and much more. Fred Young's Ground-Level Arizona Railroad - A ground-level railroad that has lots of operational options and some unique ways of adapting to the Arizona summer sun.

Evolution of the B&P Garden Railroad - A detailed series of articles by Bob and Pat Canfield, describing their progress building an elevated O-gauge railroad in the Las Vegas vicinity. Using O Gauge Gargraves Track (Outside) - Tips on when to order preformed curves and when to use "flextrack." Also, what works and what doesn't work in Arizona, where termites eat wood and desert sun softens plastic. Note: Family Garden Trains?, Garden Train Store?, Big Christmas Trains?, BIG Indoor Trains?, and BIG Train Store?
Google Ads are only seen by non-members of RMweb - Create an RMweb account and you'll only receive modelling ads. Hey Phill, what a lovely layout in a lovely setting and some really cracking pics, thanks for sharing them with us.
The above three photos were taken on Alan Sangster's delightful garden railway in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Although Bob and Pat created a world-class infrastructure ("benchwork") for their railroad, they also learned some hard lessons about Atlas Nickel Silver track and using HDPE for roadbed in a hot climate.

Command Control Outside - Tips for using TMCC outside, including wiring suggestions and methods for providing a "ground plane" in an outdoor environment. You're looking at Paul's Lionel Canadian Pacific F3 speeding along on the newly-completed layout. All information, data, text, and illustrations on this web site are Copyright (c) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 by Paul D.

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