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For those of you who may ask why because you already know I am currenlty building an HO scale layout. Bottom line nothing less than 18" radius and it is possible some cars will not work on it, depending on length? Once I post the dimensions of the space I have to work with I'll ask what scale you would recommend.
The inner loop is 18", and should I switch that train onto the inner loop, disaster awaits. I used to live in a very small house and built a 15" R layout HO knowing I would be restricted to small locos and short cars. You can get a very nice HO layout in an 8X10 or 12 space if you put shelves on the walls instead of an island in the middle of the room. Alright, for those that have interest in looking at something perhaps a little different, here is my annual pictorial from this year's Saskatoon model railroad show, put on by the main local club here, Prairie Rail Workshop. And of course, the new MagnaLock brake hoses were announced today with PWRS in Saskatoon. Also, I tried to cover up any faces that are in the pictures as a courtesy for those that got into the pictures.

First up, while its not scale model railroading, it certainly has a following - Lego Trains. And from another side, it looks as though he is showing the different seasons on these two modules. The BiG Layout is a G Scale layout that a group of modelers put together quite a few years ago. The other booth I visited, I wasn't expecting to be there and was pleasantly surprised.
I've still got a few dozen pictures or so left, plus several short videos I need to process, but its now pushing midnight and I need some sleep. Are you going to get one of the special edition Sask grain hoppers that PWRS did for the Prairie Rail Workshop group? Question Prairie Shadow: * Where are they from exactly?  * Any plan to manufacture in-house?
I am asking because as I am new to this hobby I am trying to figure out the amount of space I have in my home for a layout. If you are forced to restrict your curves to 18" radius or, perhaps, even tighter, then why not give yourself more options for a layout and for choices of locos, etc.

Older timeframes generally meant shorter cars and engines, and they work on sharper curves without issues.
I will use 18" for a minimum on a spur in a heartbeat, because I like sharp curves on industrial trackage. Thought about going this weekend but had previous plans for today and a 5-6 hour drive each way doesn't work well for me on a Sunday. If I was modeling Civil War to turn of the 20th Century, 18" would be generous for mainline curves. Later on I may be able to move things around that take up space in the rest of this room of the basement.

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