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Please Note: Unfortunately not all of the building is accessible for those with disabilities.
Thank you for the reply, Terry, I'd never have guessed that the barrow was a white-metal kit, your painting has worked perfectly. People have been taking their Lionel trains outside on sunny days since the early days of toy trains. When LGB trains reinvigorated the Garden Railroading hobby, folks with a basement full of O-gauge trains wondered if they could build a garden railroad using trains they already owned. Though I've been collecting information for an article like this for years, I didn't feel I could make it credible without showing some great photos of a successful O-Gauge Outside railroad.
Note: These "O Gauge Outside" articles are written to help serious O-gauge hobbyists adapt their equipment and their experience to outdoor railroading.
Although most buildings designed to go on garden railroads are made to withstand serious abuse, they seldom encounter any abuse worse than direct sunlight, rain, and bird droppings. Unlike Large Scale trains, which are made for garden railroads, O gauge trains are not rust-resistant or UV resistant, and some are particularly vulnerable to sand in their gears. Most O gauge trains are about half the length and a quarter the bulk of similar "large scale" trains, but they are still large enough to see outside; and for some folks it helps that they are small enough to fit a lot of railroading into a small space.
Note about O Gauge versus O Scale - By the way, I say O gauge when referring to the trains because not all trains that run on O gauge track (1.25" between the rails) are the same scale.

One big difference is that O gauge track is not quite as sturdy as LGB or AristoCraft Large Scale track, so we recommend using a method that provides a sturdy base that supports the whole length of the track.
We've established that O Gauge Outside is a growing hobby and that many resources are available. Fred Young's Ground-Level Arizona Railroad - A ground-level railroad that has lots of operational options and some unique ways of adapting to the Arizona summer sun. When I worked part-time at the Devon Shirehorse centre at Yealmpton in the 1970s I made a new tree for 'King', then the Guiness Book of Records holder of the title of the tallest shire-horse in the world.
Of course the trains, the track, and even the buildings were rust-prone, so they took everything back in when the dew started to fall. If you have a couple of Lionel trains in the attic that you seldom run, you will probably be better off keeping them inside and getting a Large Scale starter set to use outside. This rules out some "floating" methods that garden railroaders often use, in which track is simply laid on packed gravel and more fine gravel is poured between the ties to represent "ballast." But track laid on poured concrete "roadbed," on pressure-treated lumber, or on HDPE roadbed is just fine. All information, data, text, and illustrations on this web site are Copyright (c) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 by Paul D. I recycled the swannicks but the centre blacksmith [Tom, an ex-guardsman farrier] made a new draw-hook and swivel and I used ash from a broken set of shafts. But a few brave souls built track and buildings that wouldn't rust out and created permanent O-gauge garden railways throughout the 1900s.

A Tucson family, the Blessings, sent me a link to a "photo album" of their railroad, and John was helpful with my questions. So the O Gauge Outside articles are a summary of what we've learned so far, with much input and applicable photos from John Blessing and his family.
Also, although I refer to Lionel frequently, 99% of these articles' content also applies to using other brands such as MTH, Williams, or K-Line. Fortunately, they are still plenty big enough to be effective outdoors if you plan properly. Today, Gargraves and Atlas, both longtime hobby suppliers, make track that can be used outside - Part 2 contains more information on this subject. For the sake of simplifying the terminology in this article, I will say "O scale accessories" and "O gauge trains." Please contact me for more information if this "explanation" has muddied the waters.

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