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Long Beach (LIRR station), and check out Long Beach (LIRR station) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Long Beach Station was originally built in 1880 by the New York and Long Beach Railroad, however it was much closer to the Atlantic Ocean than the present station. Due to repeated storm damage to rails and other equipment, the LIRR petitioned the New York State Public Service Commission to move the station 1000 feet north in January 1909, which was fully endorsed by the Estates of Long Beach who even offered to exchange land with the railroad.[6] That permission was granted in February of the same year. Prior to the relocation, another station named Club House Station (not to be confused with the Club House station on the Montauk Branch in Great River, New York) existed nearby at what is today Market Street and National Boulevard. The site was surrounded by Broadway, Penn Street, Edwards Boulevard and Riverside Boulevard, and served the grand Long Beach Hotel,[3] which Austin Corbin claimed was the world's largest hotel.[4] It also included a clock tower on the station house, a water tower, and a gazebo.

The present depot at Park Avenue was built in June 1909, and is larger than the previous station off the Atlantic Coast. Originally a signal stop built in April 1898, it contained a path leading to a club house on the coast of Reynolds Channel The station was closed in 1909 when Long Beach Station was moved to the channel.
The six tracks not next to the platforms (two to the east of the station and four to the west) are used for train storage.
Additionally, it had a connection to the Long Beach Marine Railway, which served Lido Beach and Point Lookout. Another renovation in the early 2000s added a parking garage, bus depot, and platform bridge.

The bus depot is on Centre Street adjacent to the station building, and the parking garage contains a section for bicycles.

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