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Hello Jeff, can you replace 2 models on my list since I don't think Autoart will make them this year, please replace the Bugatti with the Mclaren F1, and the Ford with the Pagini Zonda. Hey Jeff, my matte black enzo arrived today, so you can cross another one off the list, thanks mate. In the late 50s and up to the mid 60s, BMW was in a deep financial crisis and needed big selling, cheap cars to stay afloat, keeping the driving dynamics at bay for a while. Coming soon from Autoart, another brilliant 1:18 diecast of a BMW E30 M3 will soon show up on the market.

It was the beginning of the 90s when BMW's E30 M3 was dominating the Deutsche Touring Masters Championship, or better known today, the DTM. It's no secret that one of the most appreciated cars ever built by BMW is the E30 M3, the original high-performance 3er.
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