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Encompassing hundreds of different collectible categories, a comprehensive guide to several million antiques and collectibles prices comes complete with up-to-date prices and pictures, along with tips on current trends in the market, buying and selling items, identification of fakes and reproductions and more. A similar conversion dubbed the Lil Kenny (which sits slightly lower than the Lil Pete) gives your Ram or full-size Chevy pickup a makeover to resemble a life-size Kenworth semi. The interior is completely revised and resembles the cab of a semi, and what’s a semi truck without a rear space to relax in? Under the mock-semi hood is a standard gas or diesel V-8 engine, with space for a smaller diesel or straight-six-cylinder mill.
Lil Big Rig’s completely assembled body shells can be easily installed over a matter of days with common garage hand tools.
You run what ever drivetrain you want from the donor truck, or what is compatible with the donor chassis. I m a real truck driver and I think these would be awesome to drive and haul smaller trailers. Because America is a police state I can just see getting tickets by stupid cops for driving a “commercial” truck on certain residential roads. I have a mini kenworth T-600 almost complete on a one ton dually chevrolet frame with a new 454 chevrolet engine - a lot of options. Some guys sell a car, get a case of seller’s remorse, and hope that someday they might be able to get the car back. Looking back, Gehlhaar insists he was never worried when he handed over the keys to Martin in 1988. Last year, Martin held up his end of the deal and returned the car to Gehlhaar in just the same condition he received it.
It seems fitting that Gehlhaar and his old Buick are reunited again, because they have traveled a lot of miles together. Gehlhaar did a few minor fixes to the car, including replacing three piston rings, re-doing the valves, “then I checked all the bearings and reset those — and those are poured bearings — and it’s run ever since!  It always runs. The car had about 98,000 miles on it when Gehlhaar got it, and he and Martin have taken turns putting about 10,000 miles on it since.
The ’32 Buicks featured more aerodynamic fenders and new radiator grille with a narrower base. The black paint is still in good shape, too, and Gehlhaar doesn’t know if or when the car was ever repainted. Someday, Gehlhaar figures the Buick will go to a new owner, but this time it will stay in the family. If you don’t subscribe to Old Cars Weekly magazine, you’re missing out on the only weekly magazine in the car hobby. This revised 4th Edition is the most thorough post-WWII automobile reference ever assembled. This is a great car And a great story, As a disabled vet That is trying to still work and support a family I just can’t find the money to do what I want with any Good old car But if any one should come across a 59 Buck that needs to be saved PLEASE let me know Thanks for your Mag and all the great things you share with us . To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. It's the mid-1980s, you're a dyed-in-the-wool Mercedes aficionado and only the finest Stuttgart engineering will do. This car has been narrowed down to one of the last 12 built – the South African factory wasn't too meticulous with its record-keeping, apparently.

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All Lil Pete and Lil Kenny kits come with a full rear sleeper available with seats or room for an actual bed. You can even equip your custom Lil Rig with an automatic transmission and forget worrying about trying to double-clutch shift a 15-speed manual often seen in most semis today.
A typical semi truck stands around 13 feet tall; the Lil Kenny sits at a little more than 5 feet tall. If you buy one, it’s advised that you find the donor pickup truck while waiting four to eight weeks for Lil Big Rig to custom-fabricate the body shell. So if you want to work on your CB radio lingo and be the (mini) king of the open road, check out Lil Big Rig’s website (link removed due to malware). It would be even better if it could be fitted to a 1 ton chassis, because than it could be used a hot shot truck. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please only comment about the specified topic in the blog post. The retired Lompoc, Calif., resident always knew he was going to get his 1932 Buick Special sedan back, it was just a matter of time.
Gehlhaar bought the sedan back in 1973, took great care of it and dragged it back and forth across the country several times — every time the Air Force took him to a new job and a new challenge.
The cars are most easily distinguished from earlier Buicks of the era by their new hood doors, which took the place of louvers, and their painted door handles.
The 57S four-door Special sedan was one of eight offerings in the 50 Series, which utilized the 114-inch-wheelbase chassis.
A total of 9,766 examples were produced, making them second behind only the base four-door sedan in popularity among Series 50 cars.
1 in my fleet again.” That collection also includes a 1926 Ford Model T roadster pickup, 1929 Model A sport coupe, 1958 and 1967 King Midgets, 1956 Mercedes 180D, 1957 Porsche Speedster, 1961 Volkswagen sedan, 1962 Studebaker GT Hawk and a 1981 VW pickup. And we’ll deliver 54 issues a year right to your mailbox every week for less than the price of a oil change!
This huge reference book includes complete model information for every American-made car manufactured from 1946-1975. You don't want one of those new-fangled W124 models, you want the best – and that means the previous W123 series, widely regarded as the last of the utterly bombproof Mercedes, built when robustness would never, ever be compromised by the demands of the accounts department. Nashville, Tenn.-based Lil Big Rig (link removed due to malware) offers transformation kits that take standard pickup trucks and dress them up like full-on 18-wheelers.
A semi truck-esque rear body and two extra dual rear wheels are added on to make your truck look like a traditional Peterbilt or Kenworth semi.
Despite the size difference, the overall interior and exterior appearance is strikingly similar. I did not see any specifications on whether or not it would incrrease one's towing or hauling capacity.
As long as his handshake agreement with friend and fellow old car buff Bill Martin held up, Gehlhaar knew his Buick wasn’t gone, it was just sort of “on loan” to somebody else. The windshields were also sloped at a 10-degree angle and the external sun visors were eliminated.
If buyers wanted to go bigger from there, and had the money to do so, Buick offered 118-inch wheelbase cars in Series 60, 126-inch wheelbases in Series 80, and 134-inch chassis in Series 90.

Available options included a clock, heater, cigarette lighter, dual side mounts, chrome grille guard, tire locks, tire covers, wheel trim rings and a trunk rack.
I always want to go into another gear — it’s geared low, it’s a three-speed, but I can cruise 50 mph like nothing.
For a donor truck, older pickup trucks are becoming increasingly cheap, and used older Ford F-250s are going for next to nothing on eBay at the moment. Real trucks that use solid front axes have leaf springs, not these silly paper thin control arms can get broken in half by a large rock. We’d go on tours and we’d stop and we’d put some baby food on that long exhaust manifold… People would stop and say, ‘Can we help, is there something wrong?’  No, we’re just heating up some baby food!’ She’s kind of a car nut and she helped me and we went to swap meets and stuff together.
Don’t worry about body rust, either, as long as the frame is solid and the truck is in working mechanical condition.
The one thing I am missing … on the split rear bumper there are two bumper caps on those bumpers, and both of those are missing.
They are made out of sheet metal and both of those have rusted and they are gone, but there is a guy in the [Buick] registry trying to make those again. After delivery it sat in South Africa before the owner and her husband decided to relocate to England for their retirement and the car was shipped here.
No doubt they thought it might come in useful, because South Africa is also a right-hand drive market.
For starters, it's not been restored, merely recommissioned after standing idle for so long.
All that W123 World has done is replace all the brake lines and calipers, the entire fuel system including the tank, the exhaust system and the air-conditioning.
The car was also treated to some wax underseal, which was never used on South African-built cars. The plant continued making this model until 1986, although production had stopped in Stuttgart two years earlier. Cosovich is guarded, saying only that a 300D (diesel) W123 taxi was sold in Germany for about A?35,000 recently. There's plenty of space once inside, however, the interior's old-fashioned layout and narrow pillars reinforcing the feeling of spaciousness.
Ahead are lovely simple gauges, the large central speedometer flanked by a revcounter on the right (it's redlined at 6,000rpm but there's little point in pushing it that far) and a collection of oil and economy gauges to the left. It really does feel as though you could cover many hundreds of miles in one sitting, especially on long, sun-baked South African roads. Unfortunately, we were on the tight test circuit at Mercedes-Benz World, not its ideal habitat. In fact it's as smooth as any modern car, with possibly even better ride comfort because of the soft suspension.

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