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Free Appraisals ~ Buddy L Museum paying 50%-85% more than eBay, private collectors & antique dealers. Buddy L Museum paying 65%-85% more than Antique Dealers, eBay and private collectors Don't sell your antique toys until you speak with us.
Antique Toy Prices  Know The Facts Before Selling Your Old Toys Buddy L Museum The World's Most Trusted Name In Antique Toy Trucks, Old Cars Robots, Space Toys, Boats, Planes Trains, Trucks and More. Yellow Buddy L Airplane with Green Hanger,  Flivver Car or Truck needed highest prices paid.

Seeking to purchase any Buddy L dump truck ~ Sturditoy fire truck ~ Keystone toy airplane and all other Buddy L and Kingsbury toys in good or better condition Paying up to three thousand dollars for any Keystone toy dump truck in near mint condition in original box. Paying up to four thousand dollars for any prewar Buddy L bus airplane in ten plus condition.
We're the world's oldest buyer of Steelcraft toys, Keystone toys and vintage Buddy L toys manufactured during the early twentieth century. We're also the world's leading experts on early Buddy L Toys and antique toy trucks including Sturditoy trucks.
E-mail us if you need advice identifying your old Buddy L toy truck, include a brief description or picture Browse our photo galleries and see your favorite antique Kingsbury toy bus or car on display View the elusive rare Steelcraft toy bus with dual wheeled and 1925 Buddy L dump truck with hydraulic lift and nickel plated headlights We house the biggest Kingsbury and Keystone toy truck collection in the United States.

Paying up to several thousand dollars for certain model Buddy L trains and antique Buddy L trucks Always looking to buy single Buddy L toys or entire collections All Inquires kept confidential. We're also the world's largest buyer of Buddy L toys and prewar vintage toy trucks in the U.

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