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The railroad exists to move silver and gold ore from the mines at Thunder Mesa and Calico to the wider world beyond the layout. I've been a lurker over at Railroad Line for a long time and the Thunder Mesa RR is one of the few layouts I eagerly anticipate progress reports on. There's a big new post today on the Thunder Mesa website bringing things up to date with the expansion progress and a redesign for the town of Thunder Mesa. Yes, old western towns most often had false front buildings facing each other across the street.

I've been doodling some new plans and they all involve evicting my poor, dust-gathering N scale layout from its current spot in the corner. This plan fixes several other problems as well by widening the center aisle and eliminating some hidden track. Jeff, the N scale layout is in limbo at this point since I'll be expanding the On30 line into the space it currently occupies. In this case, that would mean the front row of buildings would be turned around and their rears would be facing the track and the aisle.

I'm not done with N scale though and am currently exploring possibilities on where it can be relocated to or modified to fit.
When I rebuilt it I drew it directly on the foam base after placing the switches where I thought I wanted them.

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