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Please Note:I am not selling these train sets, nor can I hook you up with someone who is, if you are looking for them look at an on-line auction like eBay, also I have seen them at train shows and rail fairs, often for a higher price but you can barter them down to a fair market value. The first President's Choice train sets come out for Christmas 1992, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the line of products and the Insider's Report. About the Locomotives All the locomotives in these train sets are remarkably good for what they cost. About the Rolling stock All of the cars in these train sets come with truck mounted horn-hook couplers on all the cars. About the Track The first ten sets came with "Quality" brass track for oval layout, but the first one which has track for a figure 8 layout.
About the Power Packs The Power packs that come with the sets are alright but I don't use them to drive my tracks.

I've put this information on-line to make it available for those who are wanting to know this stuff. Further to this info I have compiled a list of the Rail Cars and Locomotives in all the President's Choice Train Sets.
President's Choice is a line of no-name grocery products sold in several grocery chains, like Loblaws and No frills. In fact most people I know who also use their PC Train set locomotives also like them, a lot.
However, they kind of dropped the ball for 1996, 2000, 2003 and 2004 didn't release as set those years. I have mounted knuckle couplers to a few of them but the truck mounts to the cars aren't up to the job.

All track will corrode and the corrosion on brass and steel track is electrically insulating but the corrosion on nickel silver track will still conduct the current to your locomotive, or at least much more so than the other options. It's perfect for your intermodal scene from 1968 to the present, fully decorated and ready to add to your HO layout or diorama.
The President's Choice line has expanded to include hundreds of the best stuff, including several limited edition trains sets which are only sold at stores in Canada. I do use the original power packs for AC stuff like for throwing the switches and building lights.

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