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The first President's Choice train sets come out for Christmas 1992, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the line of products and the Insider's Report.
Please Note:I am not selling these train sets, nor can I hook you up with someone who is, if you are looking to find some of these sets I can recommend that that you look at on-line auctions like eBay and Yahoo, also I have seen them at train shows and rail fairs, usually for a high suggested price but you can barter them down to a fair market value. I"ve put this information on-line to make it available for those who are wanting to know this stuff.
Further to this info I have compiled a list of the Rail Cars and Locomotives in all the President's Choice Train Sets. This train set is sold in the Loblaws chain of grocery stores for around $100CAD, from 2006 November and right now. Built by the Canadian Locomotive Works for the Canadian National Railway in 1924, this Big 10, known as the "Battleship on Wheels" was the largest freight locomotive ever owned by the CNR. With all its brawn and might, it became a behind-the-scenes workhorse, a veritable unsung hero in Canadian rail history.
It did, however, get involved indirectly in passenger transportation: some Santa Fe locomotives were used to wet down the tracks on the dustier corridors prior to passenger trains traveling through.
Of the seventy-five T-2-a Santa Fe locomotives produced for the CNR, most spent their working careers in the Toronto area. The T-2-a’s ever-reliable performance made it a vital revenue-generating tool and an indispensable asset to Canadian rail transportation.

This train set sold in the Loblaws chain of grocery stores for $?CAD, from 1995 November till they were out of stock. The 1995 PC Insider's Express lets you expeience the feel of an authentic freight train like never before. This deluxe quality HO train is a realistic reproduction of the working freight trains in daily use across the continent. Heading up this hefty load is the pride of CN North American: the mighty SD-35 diesel locomotive, a high-powered hauler that more than pulls its own weight.
Modeled after a potent locomotive typically weighing an imposing 360,00 lb, our version remains faithful to the spirit of the original with a massive 1lb, 1.2oz of total engine weight powering 12-wheel drive mechanism. With the superb SD-35 diesel locomotive firmly in command, the latest version of the The PC Insider's Express is guaranteed to put you on the fast track to authentic railroad action! President's Choice is a line of no-name grocery products sold in several grocery chains, like Loblaws and No frills. Named after it’s American counterparts which traveled along the Santa Fe Railway lines, the 2-10-2 Class T-2-a Santa Fe was the most powerful locomotive in all of the British Empire. Even though it didn’t have the glamourous mission of transporting passengers from coast to coast like some of the other, more prestigious locomotives, the Santa Fe played a pivotal role in linking our two major Canadian railways. Railroad lore suggests that one of these powerhouses, with its incredible brute pulling force helped tear down Toronto’s old Union Station a short time after the new station opened it’s doors in 1927.

Our collector’s edition PC Big 10 Express is a faithful reproduction of this classic steam locomotive and is compatible with all HO Scale model electric train sets, including our entire President’s Choice Collector’s Series. I love the look of this locomotive and it runs well too, in fact this locomotive is my favorite of all my diesels after my Proto 2000s. From the fully operational Loading Crane with accompanying Boom Car, to the careful detailing of the Reefer and Box Cars, you can't get any closer to the real thing. This is clearly a powerhouse with more than enough strength to pull every freight car from every PC Insider's Express electric train set to date and then some!The PC SD-35 locomotive will pull up to 40 properly maintained cars, excluding locomotives, on a straigh run.
Boasting fine detail such as diode-controled headlights and separet add-on handrails, this locomotive is truly worthy of the original. They often make up a nice train of fifteen ore cars, pulled by the SD-35 Diesel from set #1.
Offering pusher and transfer services, these titans orchestrated freight interchange between the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific railways, allowing goods to travel freely throughout the land.
The President's Choice line has expanded to include hundreds of the best stuff, including several limited edition trains sets which wear only sold at stores in Canada.

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