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Fine, tiny detailing demanded by model railway enthusiasts requires moldmaking tolerances in manufacturing scale models that are often tighter than those in the automotive industry. PECO manufacturers the largest range of model railway track in the world, distributing to around 450 model shops across the UK and exporting to over 30 countries worldwide. New Products Development Manager Paul Hitchcock says PECO is renowned for quality and detail on its plastic injection molded track and accessories. When a model is scaled down it becomes miniscule and can be extremely difficult to produce, but he says using Vero Software makes it easier to achieve. The products are made from a range of polymers including polythene for the track, ASA, acetal, nylon and HIPS.

Tolerances for the track are extremely important, according to Engineering and Development Director Ben Arnold. The tool has to sit very neatly and snugly around them to ensure there is no flash along the sides of the rails on the finished molded track product.
For many other products he utilises VISI to design tools based on Hasco or Meusburger mold stacks. This is the (bulk of 12) SM-32 Streamline Code 200 Flexible Nickel Silver - Straight, Wooden Sleeper T by Peco.Location : HO Scale Nickel Silver Model Train Track The #1 Source for Hobby Products! That used to cause a lot of trouble with our previous system, as we’d lose the detail by suppressing something that a number of other aspects are dependent on.

The mold was created in VISI, saved as an STL file and imported directly into the laser machine for machining.

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