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This plan neatly comprises three scenes that collectively reflect a nerwork Southease and Urban theme. The station is sneakily designed to look far more than it really is, with curves hidden beneath buildings (see plan). An ever present fact with model railways is that curves are usually much tighter in radius than on the prototype.
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SMP Scaleway and Peco Code 75 pointwork go fairy well together (and probably look a lot better when ballasted ). SMP is a huge improvement over Peco but for me there is something about it which to me looks a little odd.
Is it strictly a mail order job, or is there anywhere that I could use some of my post-payday leave in a couple of weeks to go and buy some?
The plan is to make it through to Payday (24th) and order the track, and then pick up Baseboard materials (Think I'll use 6mm MDF and open-frame construction). Bump, Modified first post - any reccomendations gratefully recieved One other thing to perhaps consider is the mixing of rail weights (codes) and profiles (flat or bullhead), as well as the thickness of the sleepers, since this will profoundly influence the rail height and therefore its levelness.

This could be a wagon repair shop, a loco stabling point, part of an international freight depot and even different things at different times of operation if you make some scenic units interchangeable. Simple question, as Google is proving - 'frustrating' - where can I order the stuff from? SMP is actually quite strong but it doesn't like being ripped up afters its been glued down and ballasted. Although you have to thread the rail on to the sleepers it looks much better IMO than rtr SMP or C+L. The third scene (see illustration) would occupy the area currently shown at the extreem right of the plan.
To get around the issue many modellers hide the curves under the scenery, often with a hill or townscape. Your wheels shouldn't bounce on them and you can have wooden (plastic) sleepers with proper chairs for BH rail or concrete sleepers with pandrols for FB rail.
I'll be running recent Bachmann and Hornby stock primarily, as well as Parkside kits, so hopefully all will work. It would be made up primarily of pre-war housing, elevated to disguise the tight radius trackwork hidden beneath.

On this plan the curves are hidden in two ways, firstly the station roof has been extended over the right hand curves.
There would be quit a lot of repetative modelling here, though it is worth it for the impacy.
Secondly, the innermost curves on the right hand side of the plan could be hidden beneath a scen such as the houses created from distinctive 19th century terraced houses.
Several manufacturers , including Metcalfe, offer a variety of different styles and types of Victorian terraced houses show.
Although there is a lot of repetative modelling in the scene, the finished model captures the spirit well.

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