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I checked the page and everything seems to be OK with 3 different browsers and several AV packages.
I've recently bought a considerable amount of Bachmann E-Z Track so I can play around with layouts and keep it mobile for when I move around while travelling. Yeah, that helps, it does not complain now but I disabled BitDefender to let me download the program a few days ago and had a little play. It would be nice if the paste function did not paste on top, it is ok for one item but if you want to copy a yard or similar arrangement for use elsewhere you have to individually pick all the parts to move which defeats one of the great things about CAD. Can you make it paste to the mouse but floating so that a it can be aligned and then a simple left click will drop it? Here is something interesting and really useful for SCARM beginners - a series of video tutorials, created and narrated by Ruud Boer. The second and each next clip are available from the links in the bottom of each blog post.
Check also the SCARM Blog post for July, August, September and October where you will find many other useful resources about the program. With xtrkcad, you could 'force' slightly out-of-alignment tracks to join - doesn't seem to be a way to do this in SCARM? You can also drag to disconnect, move and reconnect the tracks - just hold Ctrl key and drag the selection.
And finally about the Set-track geometry: it will fit in the reality without problems, but if you want all the tracks to be connected in SCARM, you will need to slightly increase the default tolerance from 2mm to 3mm.
See what’s going on within our online store, in our bricks n mortar site in Liverpool, UK and order fulfilment centre in Widnes, Cheshire. Operation can be as simple as watching the trains go round or made more interesting with the introduction of a basic timetable.

This plan neatly comprises three scenes that collectively reflect a nerwork Southease and Urban theme. The station is sneakily designed to look far more than it really is, with curves hidden beneath buildings (see plan). An ever present fact with model railways is that curves are usually much tighter in radius than on the prototype.
The links, inserted with BBCode were working in the preview, but now are broken in the real post. It is more precise, but may seems inverted if you are already used to do it in the other software, such as IE in example. Please allow up to 72 hours for a reply, but we are generally faster, particularly during business hours. Here is plan 32 from the previous edition incorporated into an oval design comprising of a through junction station with a branch platform.
This could be a wagon repair shop, a loco stabling point, part of an international freight depot and even different things at different times of operation if you make some scenic units interchangeable. May be there is an option to send the link for check to their support staff or to add an exclusion. It saves me a lot of trial and error deciding what track I need to purchase to modify my layout.
Sometimes I am waiting 5-6 minutes just for server to respond and then even more for a single page to load.
It's a hassle to use the mouse wheel to scroll about - support the standard click-hold-drag to move the page!!! Additionak; interest is provided by the two short sidings allowing some shunting, using the station loop for running round.

The third scene (see illustration) would occupy the area currently shown at the extreem right of the plan. To get around the issue many modellers hide the curves under the scenery, often with a hill or townscape. It would be made up primarily of pre-war housing, elevated to disguise the tight radius trackwork hidden beneath. On this plan the curves are hidden in two ways, firstly the station roof has been extended over the right hand curves. There would be quit a lot of repetative modelling here, though it is worth it for the impacy. Secondly, the innermost curves on the right hand side of the plan could be hidden beneath a scen such as the houses created from distinctive 19th century terraced houses. That's why I miss to post some of the important updates about SCARM, but you can always stay informed by subscribing to the SCARM Blog articles RSS feed service (on the left column of the main blog page).
Several manufacturers , including Metcalfe, offer a variety of different styles and types of Victorian terraced houses show. Although there is a lot of repetative modelling in the scene, the finished model captures the spirit well.

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