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Amtrak workers have gone back to school after a New York City-bound train took a wrong turn and wound up in the Philadelphia suburbs on Thursday. The local train station is serviced by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority.The train allegedly missed a signal after leaving Philadelphia. Amtraka€™s media relations director, Steve Kulm, said the crew members are being re-trained.
Amtrak, or the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, has been widely criticized for its ongoing issues with scheduling, delays and 'second-rate service'. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
While most people complain about Penn Station, we’ve come to a new found appreciation for the much-maligned station after a year of hosting our monthly tour of the Remnants of the Original Penn Station.
Schettino will combine 3D models and 2D diagrams, oriented to the traveler, using context to highlight relevant information.
Schettino: In addition to being a designer I’m also a person who uses Penn Station on a frequent basis.
And while the regular challenge of navigating Penn was part of the impetus for this project, I also saw Penn as an embodiment of a critical overlap of urbanism and mobility; two forces that are increasingly transforming everyday life. Schettino: Well, the project has definitely arrived at the point where it’s no longer sustainable as an independent initiative.
Schettino: Penn Station is one of New York’s most deeply challenging and challenged public spaces.

Penn is the most used train station in the Western Hemisphere, handling more than twice its original planned capacity of two hundred thousand people per day. The good news is that The New York City Council recently put a limit on Madison Square Garden’s permit to operate on top of Penn Station and by 2023 MSG will have to relocate.
Schettino: My favorite part of the station is in the ambient audio environment of the Amtrak Concourse.
He added that when the passengers returned to the main level of the station, they were met by an Amtrak manager who explained the situation and then handed out bags of Doritos. The 130 passengers were returned to Philadelphia where they boarded another train for the Big Apple.
The work that remains requires dialogues, testing, a budget and permissions for station access. My own project focuses on a real but limited set of issues in the current version of Penn but the truth is that those things, and much of what frustrates users of the station, are only symptoms of the larger issue of underfunded public transit and the legacy of economic and cultural missteps behind the destruction of the original station. That aural space is punctuated, at separate times, by the voices of two announcers, a man and a woman who call out train and station information. They were also fed pizza.Eventually, the majority of passengers jumped on to a train more than two hours later. The labyrinth was birthed when the air rights were sold to Madison Square Garden, the original light-filled Pennsylvania Station was demolished, and everything pushed underground. Designer John Schettino has one of the most comprehensive projects on the current Penn Station we’ve seen recently.

Prior to this project, I found that even though I used Penn regularly, because my trip was a repeating pattern, it was astonishingly easy to get lost whenever I departed from my usual path in the station. When you compound that circumstance with the question of Penn as a meaningful public space it’s not surprising that the station is so loathed by it’s users. The Alliance for a New Penn station, with their Penn 2023 report and public dialogue, has already done a lot of hard work to get that process started.
Meanwhile, Charlotte Observer reported an Amtrack collided with a car in west Charlotte on Monday, while Chicago News Tribune said a Detroit-bound train from Chicago stopped for six hours outside a station because of an equipment problem two days ago. Beginning with Amtrak, the landlord of the station, I’m aiming to meet with appropriate station administrators in order to present and discuss the project. I hope that city government and state and federal offices realize the urgency of the issue and are as forthcoming with funding for a new Penn as they have been with the new $20 billion Hudson rail tunnel, the Gateway project.
Of course, I’m hopeful that getting the project in public, on sites like Untapped Cities, might help to bring it to the attention of people who have interest, or even influence, in the world of transportation, planning and urban design.

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