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I did some googling and found the source of this code and read the rules which clearly stated it was for travel to Newark, not from. If you still have no luck getting the discount, here's another idea: Do you or your traveling companion have any miles in Continental's OnePass program? Last I knew though, it was rather expensive, like 5 bucks per bag for this service and that was about 4 or 5 years ago.
It does not make any sense that if you want to get people to visit your city, you give them a discount. Well, the magazine is Amtrak's version of an in-flight magazine, so that's pretty much straight from the horse's mouth. Of course if you are riding in First Class or can otherwise gain access to the Club Acela, then you can leave your bags in the storage area in the lounge for free.
I'm not at all sure what would happen with luggage left there overnight, or for that matter what would happen if you left a day checked bag at the luggage counter overnight.
While baggage prices have gone up, last year I paid $5 to take a 17 foot kayak with me from New Orleans to NYP.

Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! I will arrive in Port Authority bus terminal at around 5am (or 7 am if taking another bus), and I need to catch the train at 11:00am. By the way, that area is rather boring, so if you're going to do a bit of walking you might want, again, to take a fast taxi to some place for interesting - maybe find a pleasant place to have an American breakfast. Someone in another thread reported a similar problem with a 20%-off code for travel between Rhode Island and NYP. In fact, if you call four different Amtrak agents, you're likely to get four different answers.
Since the Capitols don't have checked luggage, I can't just check this bag through to SAC and then just not pick it up for 6 hours. However, the_traveler has a valid point in that a code should be valid for both going to the city and returning from the city. Oh, I paid up the additional ten bucks for the $2,500 total insurance Getting the kayak out of Penn was a different issue.

Having come via Ambus+San Joaquin earlier in the day, I'll have with me three days' clothes, etc. Looks like there should be no problem, because you are booking within the rules of the discount, but it's still a good precaution.
I wouldn't worry too much because you're only one stop away from Penn Station (less than a 3 minuet ride). During those 6 hours, I'll be visiting the State Rail museum, riding their little train, and exploring the Sacramento light rail, and would rather not drag around the said bag.

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