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The police could not immediately provide the ages or names of the victims, who were all men. The burst of violence came just as the morning commute began on Monday around the transportation hub in Midtown Manhattan. The police said no suspect had been named and the reason for the shooting, which appeared to have stemmed from an interaction underground, the police said, remained under investigation. The shooting took place about two blocks from the spot along Eighth Avenue where officers shot a man on the street this year in connection with a string of hammer attacks two blocks north of this shooting.
The other two men were named as Eddie Torres, 48, and William Lamboy, 45, who are being treated for serious injuries at Bellevue Hospital.
The Smithsonian National Museum asked to delay demolition of the structure in hopes of preserving it for historic purposes.
One person was killed and two others were injured after a shooting near Manhattan’s Penn Station on Monday morning, according to the NYPD, multiple news outlets report.
We can only describe the shooting as brazen and showed the wide shot to show the proximity to Madison Square Garden in Penn Station to a triple shooting. Pennsylvania Station, a gateway to the nation's biggest city, was designed to accommodate about 200,000 riders a day.Now, it is packed with more than 600,000. Two decades after ambitious plans were unveiled to improve Penn Station while expanding it into the massive Beaux Arts post office building across the street, there are few visible signs of change. Ironically, the original Penn Station built a century ago as a Beaux Arts masterpiece, modeled after the monuments of ancient Rome, once rivaled Grand Central for its soaring beauty, classical columns and natural light.American Airlines Celebrates 80 Years of Flight AttendantsIt was torn down in 1963 and replaced with the current, smaller Penn Station, notable for its blandness, topped with the familiar, circular Madison Square Garden, among the first buildings of its kind to be built above the platforms of an active railroad station. Two civic groups, the Regional Plan Association and Municipal Art Society, say the dingy, cramped and aging basement station can expand and modernize only if the Garden moves, along with its supporting columns that reach down to the train level. Owners of the Garden, home to the NBA's Knicks and NHL's Rangers, have recently invested about $1 billion to gut and refurbish one of the city's most successful entertainment venues. Kim Kerns, a spokeswoman for the Madison Square Garden Co., said the arena ``meets all required findings for this permit'' and noted the Garden helps drive the city's economy by supporting about 6,000 jobs. For now, New Jersey Transit, the Long Island Rail Road and Amtrak have hired a design firm to bring some light and fresher air into Penn Station. That's little comfort to passengers walking through smothering, windowless corridors under low-hanging old pipes and wire clusters, filled with fast-food odors.
The truth is, no matter what changes are made, real relief will come only when additional tracks are built across the Hudson.

That would free up 100,000 square feet at Penn Station, giving passengers more space, according to the Moynihan Station Development Corp., a New York state agency that paid $200 million to acquire the post office building. Construction is under way on the $325 million first phase of the project, including a wide new commuter concourse under the front end of the post office that's to open in 2016. But there's no commercial tenant yet for non-transit areas of the Farley building expected to contribute hundreds of millions of dollars toward completion of the Moynihan Station project, whose final cost could top $1 billion. The Eternal Space will visually recreate the marvel of the former Pennsylvania Station using the actual photographs that documented the stationa€™s demise.
Architects, historians, and all urban enthusiasts are invited to a free evening event that will acknowledge the 50th anniversary of the demolition of NYC's Pennsylvania Station on Nov.
The reading will be followed bya€‹ a panel discussion a€” moderated by Curbed NY Senior Editor Hana Alberts a€” featuring noteworthy photographers, historians, preservations, and urbanists. The imminent destruction of Pennsylvania Station sparked action in the architectural community. Two were taken to Bellevue Hospital in serious condition, one with a bullet wound to the stomach and the other to the leg, the police said. A spokesman for the department said the shooting did not take place inside Pennsylvania Station.
9), a shooting erupted near New York City’s Penn Station, that left one man dead and two injured, the New York Post reports. The suspect later followed the three men from the fast food restaurant to the northeast entrance of Penn Station where he opened fire behind the victims. The assailant is still being pursued by law enforcement, who reportedly escaped from the scene in a silver vehicle. The multibillion-dollar effort is mired in perpetual bickering among movers and shakers in politics, finance, sports and business. Changes could include better exits and entrances, improved access to platforms and taxi stands and new signage. The new station would be named after Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the late New York senator who envisioned it. It will ease access to bare, gritty platforms for Amtrak, NJ Transit and Long Island Rail Road. In 1962, a group of young, prominent architects banded together in an attempt to save the iconic building.

The founders included Norman Jaffe, Peter Samton, Jordan Gruzen, Diana Kirsch, Elliot Willensky, and Norval White, all young up-and-coming architects. All it takes to strand hundreds of thousands of people is a glitch on one of only two tracks linking Manhattan to New Jersey under the Hudson River.
Initially, they believed that there would be much public support for the preservation of Penn Station, a building that had become a national icon. At about 650 into the south east corner of 35 street and eighth avenue to report of a shooting.
Suddenly, common areas become overwhelmed with impatient commuters packed into dim, low-ceilinged spaces, waiting and waiting. The Eternal Space also points out the ongoing yet overlooked debate on the preservation of historic structures in New York and throughout the U.S.
When the group failed to save it from demolition, they turned Penn Station into a martyr to incite a desire for preservation of the rich heritage and beauty of New York City’s past.
However, the average New Yorker did not seem to care about the destruction of the railroad station. Three people were shot at this location we're told scoop that went to Bellevue hospital the third person has been confirmed dead here at the scene. More than 70,000 square feet of space is available to lease for events ranging from fashion shows to automobile expos. Never-published photography of the demolition from some of the subject's most notable photographers will provide the scenic backdrop for the staged reading. On the sidewalk receiving medical attention that person as we've had taken a way to Bellevue hospital meanwhile police are looking for a vehicle.
Even with these attempts, AGBANY could not convince the public of the importance of Penn Station's preservation. We don't have a description of that vehicle but a lot of police at the scene at a level two mobilization of the investigation include the sidewalk.
However a large police presence up on street level we are a lot over Mitt John don't sort of channel seven Eyewitness News.

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