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Penn Station, or Pennsylvania Station, as it is more officially known, is one of New York City’s two main rail stations – the other being Grand Central Station. The original Penn Station NYC opened in 1910 and was renowned for its grand Beaux-Arts style. Being that Penn Station is such a major transportation hub, it only makes sense that a number of New York City hotels have sprung up in the immediate area.
Although Slice'rs in transit can no longer enjoy the beautiful architecture of the original Penn Station, they can take comfort in the many pizza options available to today's interstate travelers. Near the Amtrak trains on the upper level we found Don Pepi Pizza, the largest of Penn Station's pizzerias. Despite our valiant attempts, we were able to consume only a small fraction of Caruso's lukewarm slice. Near the Long Island Railroad one level down, Caruso's Pizza and Rose Pizza serve slices from small, neighboring storefronts. If you have some time before your train departs, it's worthwhile to leave Penn Station and head one block south to NY Pizza Suprema, an old-school slice joint and neighborhood favorite. In the long term, hardly any resident of, or regular visitor to New York avoids Penn Station.
Penn Station’s culinary shortcomings are, of course, products of more than just sub-par cuisine and insectoid infestation—problems, likely unsolvable, of light, air and architecture, to name just three. Strangely, as Manhattan gets steeped more and more in products and places luxurious, curated and sterilized, it is the evaporation of such environs—albeit mostly with more historical and cultural cache—that many lament. Fast-food standards like Pizza Hut and Taco Bell won’t be around in Penn Station much longer. No one, apparently, since the fast-food joints that pepper Penn Station are being pushed out, Crain’s New York Business reports.
KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and seven other eateries will be gone in a few months, as landlord Vornado looks to spruce up the station’s crowded, light-less lower level.
Chock-full of franchises, the lower level is a thoroughfare for Long Island commuters who rarely have time to stop for a snack, let alone a 870-calorie XXL Grilled Stuft Beef Burrito.

Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view. Both are found in Manhattan; Penn Station on the West Side (31st to 33rd Streets between Seventh and Eighth Avenues) and Grand Central on the East Side (42nd Street and Park Avenue).
One of New York City’s most impressive architectural offerings for decades on end, it was demolished in the 1960s and replaced with the current facility.
The main concourse features numerous information booths, for example, and there are plenty of convenient eateries. Among the very closest NYC hotels to Penn Station are the landmark New Yorker Hotel, the 1,700-unit Hotel Pennsylvania, and the budget-priced Chelsea Star Hotel.
In a refreshing change from most airports and train stations, Penn Station boasts three local pizzerias in addition to several franchises. Their thin, crispy slice came out of the oven piping hot with a well-browned undercarriage.
Though the crust was somewhat tough, it had a pleasant cornmeal coating, and the flavor was unobjectionable except for a slightly processed feel to the cheese.
Though we liked the classic New York slice, the pizzeria's real standout was the upside-down slice, a thick, square slice with the cheese under the sauce.
There it squats, obdurately begrimed in the lee of Madison Square Garden, a fetid nexus for passengers making Manhattan transfers, as well as those bound for more far flung locales. Fridays set to close with the fast-food exodus and lease expiration looming for other restaurants around the station, it looks like a food desert is fast approaching for the station. Last year, they announced plans to accumulate more property above and around the station, adding to their current 7 million square feet of property in the area.
New York City newcomers should know that these two stations actually handle more than just regular train traffic. The destruction of the original Penn Station upset many New Yorkers and is believed to be a major reason for the creation of the city’s first architectural preservation statutes. As is true at busy airports, the restaurants at Penn Station include several well known chain brand operations that don’t waste of lot of time getting food to the customer. As for other Penn Station area lodging ideas, the fan of comfortable and stylish boutique hotels won’t want to overlook the Affinia Manhattan, and the Wingate by Wyndham Manhattan Midtown provides plenty in the way of style and comfort itself. Aaron just joined us last week as Slice's summer intern (our first dedicated Slice intern, yay!). The slice was pleasantly textured and very palatable, with nicely balanced cheese, sauce, and crust. We couldn't bring ourselves to try the Sicilian, and in retrospect I wish we had chickened out on the slice as well.
That sauce, which tasted sweet and fresh, was the highlight of every slice we tasted, and the upside-down slice placed it front and center.

Without, even, a few reliable stores of lousiness—reminders that life is not always, relentlessly, oppressively but a proverbial dream?
Several subway lines serve them, and they are also major hubs of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bus system. Either way, the current Penn Station NYC is part of the Pennsylvania Plaza complex, which was completed in 1968 and also features the fourth installment of Madison Square Garden. Several highly familiar chain brand lodging establishments can also be found in the immediate area for those who are most comfortable going that route. As a fun first assignment, we sent Aaron up to Penn Station (along with Serious Eats intern Lingbo Li on photo duty) to suss out the best pizza in the busy transit hub. No one element had much flavor, however, and the pizza would have been totally bland had it not been heated so thoroughly.
Modestly portioned cheese and a light, burnished crust helped make this by far the best slice we tasted.
Even Amtrak’s Acela riders find nothing to show at Penn Station for their exorbitant fares but a grim, half-scrubbed corral reserved for their waiting.
Also worth noting is the fact that the current Penn Station is the busiest passenger transportation facility in the United States and North America’s busiest train station. Being that this is New York, you can certainly expect to get a tasty slice of pizza at Penn Station or a good bagel.
Skip the Sicilian slice, which had a doughy crust and an overwhelming flavor of herbs and garlic.
We managed about three bites total in what may have been the bravest and most difficult feat I have ever performed.
And as Times transit reporter Matt Flegenheimer observed yesterday, in a delightful little feature, the dining options at the subterranean depot are very of much of a piece. There are also places to get hot dogs, some soup, a sandwich, doughnuts, a quick burger and fries, and even some sushi if that suits your fancy. It should be noted that all of the hotels near Penn Station are also close to a variety of other great NYC attractions, including Central Park and the Times Square Theater District with its many New York City shows. Basically, you can satisfy a wide range of food and beverage cravings at Penn Station, and the well established bars and restaurants that are found close by only add more dining options. Caruso's Pizza: In Penn Station, near the Long Island Railroad tracks in the northern section of the station.

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