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New York City’s massive Pennsylvania Station serves an average of 1,000 people every 90 seconds. Though the old Penn Station was a beautiful example of New York civic architecture at its finest, framed by iron and glass and making the most of the natural light, the present building is a vast, uninviting subterranean labyrinth. To pass through Grand Central Terminal, one of New York’s exalted public spaces, is an ennobling experience, a gift. Bearing the name of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company which first built the station in 1910, the original facility was all magnificent columns, high windows, graceful arches and beautiful metalwork. By that time space in the city was at a premium, and housing a railway station of those proportions above-ground was seen by many as a waste – especially when the concourse could be moved below street-level, and the surface area used for something else. Those whose protests had fallen on deaf ears formed The Action Group for Better Architecture in New York, which launched a movement aimed at raising awareness of the importance of preserving the country’s history – even when that history involved something as “lowly” as a train station. The pitch includes the concept of a combining the old design with modern production methods – the old Pennsylvania Station had incredible stonework and carvings, which could be replicated from original plans using 3D printers.

Those in support of the project see it as a way of redeeming a major transportation hub in the city, returning it to more than the grimy underworld that 600,000 people must endure daily.
More to the point, it could pave the way for other high-quality buildings demolished in favour of questionably fashionable concrete monstrosities that failed to stand the test of time, in function as well as form, to once again grave our cityscapes. In 1963 the original Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan was demolished to make way for Madison Square Garden and a new (uglier) Penn Station. Betting is illegal in most of the United States, so this post is, of course, purely theoretical. About UsThe Roosevelts are group of gents producing content that inspires, educates and entertains.
With 21 tracks and a location right in the heart of Manhattan (at 7th and 8th Avenues, between 31st and 33rd Streets), more than 600,000 people pass through the station every day.
So it was destroyed, in spite of attempts to save the building. All was not lost, however, as the loss of was the historic Penn Station raised public awareness of the importance of preservation and effectively kick-started the movement in the United States.

It’s a fascinating idea, and the thought of walking into a turn-of-the-century train station is one that we can, pardon the pun, absolutely get on board with. The original station, built in 1910, was beautiful and now, thanks to images released by historian Michael Beschloss, we get to see what it looked like. The mission: deploy the Maraia Capsule testing the aerodynamics and stability of the payload on re-entry to the atmosphere.

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