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The Asociacion de Puertorriquenos en Marcha (APM) has partnered with the Jonathan Rose Companies, of New York, and Wallace, Roberts, and Todd to develop Paseo Verde. The Jonathan Rose Company, principal in Paseo Verde, was also principal in the Bronx’s Via Verde, which opened in September.
And in fact, Paseo Verde has a leg up on Via Verde; unlike the latter, it is transit-oriented.
Michael Kimmelman, in his first review as the New York Times‘ architecture critic, wrote effusively of the ambition and execution of Via Verde. Development and displacement go hand-in-hand, but every situation is unique and gentrification isn't always an entirely accurate assessment. Nyquist won the Kentucky Derby to become just the eighth undefeated horse to win the Run for the Roses.
Adrian Beltre hit two of Texas’ five home runs, and the Rangers slugged their way to a victory over the Detroit Tigers on Saturday. Kent County Girls On The Run allows girls to develop their inner confidence through physical exercise. In an aerial photo, emergency personnel work at the scene of a deadly train wreck, Wednesday, May 13, 2015, in Philadelphia, after a fatal Amtrak derailment Tuesday night, in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia.
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The Amtrak train that crashed in Philadelphia, killing at least seven people, was hurtling at 106 mph before it ran off the rails along a sharp curve where the speed limit drops to just 50 mph, federal investigators said Wednesday.
The engineer applied the emergency brakes moments before the crash but slowed the train to only 102 mph by the time the locomotive’s black box stopped recording data, said Robert Sumwalt, of the National Transportation Safety Board. The engineer, whose name was not released, refused to give a statement to law enforcement and left a police precinct with a lawyer, police said. Amtrak suspended all service until further notice along the Philadelphia-to-New York stretch of the nation’s busiest rail corridor as investigators examined the wreckage and the tracks and gathered evidence. Nutter said some people were unaccounted for but cautioned that some passengers listed on the Amtrak manifest might not have boarded the train, while others might not have checked in with authorities.
He said rescuers expanded the search area and were using dogs to look for victims in case someone was thrown from the wreckage.

Emergency personnel work the scene of a train wreck, Tuesday, May 12, 2015, in Philadelphia.
The NTSB finding about the train’s speed corroborated an AP analysis done earlier in the day of surveillance video from a spot along the tracks. Despite pressure from Congress and safety regulators, Amtrak had not installed along that section of track Positive Train Control, a technology that uses GPS, wireless radio and computers to prevent trains from going over the speed limit.
The notoriously tight curve is not far from the site of one of the deadliest train wrecks in U.S. Amtrak inspected the stretch of track on Tuesday, just hours before the accident, and found no defects, the Federal Railroad Administration said. The crash took place about 10 minutes after the train pulled out of Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station with 238 passengers and five crew members listed aboard.
Jorgensen, a reporter for The New York Observer who lives in Jersey City, New Jersey, said she wriggled free as fellow passengers screamed. She climbed out an emergency exit window, and a firefighter helped her down a ladder to safety.
The area where the wreck happened is known as Frankford Junction, situated in a neighborhood of warehouses, industrial buildings and homes. Amtrak carries 11.6 million passengers a year along its busy Northeast Corridor, which runs between Washington and Boston. Chicago White Sox spoil Minnesota Twins home opener, 4 – 1 Paul Nuccio April 12, 2016 Pair of Davids make headlines in Boston Red Sox Opening Day Hunter Noll April 5, 2016 Chicago White Sox and Chris Sale log win number one against the Oakland Athletics Paul Nuccio April 5, 2016 The Great Chicago White Sox v. Boston Red Sox top prospects continue to improve (Greenville) Hunter Noll May 4, 2016 New York Yankees recall reliever James Pazos from Triple-A Daniel Federico May 4, 2016 New York Yankees: Luis Severino may be facing make or break start vs.
APM has been one of the most prolific, and successful, affordable-housing developers in the city for some time now. That project, designed by Dattner Architects and London’s Grimshaw, has set a new standard for green, high-density, urban affordable housing. Where Via Verde is a good ten-minute walk to the nearest subway stop, Paseo Verde is right on top of the Regional Rail core network.

A graduate of the Geography and Urban Studies program at Temple University, he enjoys examining the architecture, siting, streetscapes, transportation, access, and other subtle elements that make a city a city. Sumwalt said federal accident investigators want to talk to him but will give him a day or two to recover from the shock of the accident. The shutdown snarled the commute and forced thousands of people to find other ways to reach their destinations.
The AP concluded from the footage that the train was speeding at approximately 107 mph moments before it entered the curve. Besides the data recorder, the train had a video camera in its front end that could yield clues to what happened, Sumwalt said. The locomotive and all seven passenger cars hurtled off the track as the train made a left turn, Sumwalt said. Sisak and Josh Cornfield in Philadelphia and Jack Gillum, Ted Bridis and Joan Lowy in Washington contributed to this story. Baltimore Orioles Daniel Federico May 3, 2016 Why new faces can help the New York Yankees break out of their funk Daniel Federico May 2, 2016 Willians Astudillo of Atlanta Braves has yet to strikeout in minors Trent Jones April 27, 2016 New York Yankees: could a demotion be in Luis Severino’s future?
Baltimore Orioles Daniel Federico May 3, 2016 Why new faces can help the New York Yankees break out of their funk Daniel Federico May 2, 2016 The New York Yankees should be happy to have April in the rearview mirror Daniel Federico May 1, 2016 New York Yankees: could a demotion be in Luis Severino’s future? They recently opened the Sheridan Street Houses, an innovative project by Interface Studio Architects. Passengers crawled out the windows of the torn and toppled rail cars in the darkness and emerged dazed and bloody, many of them with broken bones and burns.

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