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From colourful parks for the children to the fun places for adults, in this articles you are going to see some bizarre places built by artists whose minds came with these amazing ideas.
One thing you will notice is that all the architectures have been built on ideas totally different from one another, their construction is based on an innovative method. Playgrounds by Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam is an amazing playground place for children where they can jump and roll on the colourful net. The installation in Studio 400 will takes you in the world of spider man.
A selection of interactive sites full of originality that will make you want to run, jump, so that you want to clear your mind.
The bars frequently play host to some of the best in Irish and international live music, comedy and entertainment acts. Steeped in history, with the original recipes dating back to 1858, Goubuli gained global fame over time for its baozi – the delicate handmade steamed buns with a soupy filling using half leavened dough and bursting with flavours from the North of China. Goubuli in Tianjin already has a steady fan-base and is a must amongst visitors to the city, including global dignitaries and leading entertainment personalities. Enjoy a comprehensive menu serving up hand-crafted buns, dumplings by the team of Baozi Masters and traditional soup, handpulled noodles, Cantonese roast and seafood dishes prepared by seasoned Chefs.
You will also be impressed with staples such as the Steam Xiao Long Bao, Pan-Fried Buns with Pork Stuffing, Onion Pancake and Shanghainese Wonton in Red Oil Vinegar. The 3,811 square feet restaurant is designed to cater for family dinners, corporate functions or a quiet meal for a small group. They offer the excellent selections of celebrated Lebanese cuisine, fine wine and exquisite cocktails, but also the beautiful culture-infused atmosphere for a one of a kind dining experience complemented by the evening live entertainment including magic comedy and the famous belly dancing performances. Situated amid an idyllic setting, the new building intends to be a sanctuary where club members can relax, have fun and engage with nature. The clubhouse will accommodate a host of sports, family, entertainment and business facilities, including a 38-lane bowling alley.
Conceived by Bed Concepts and developed in collaboration with Home Club, Canvas Singapore is a lifestyle and entertainment venue catering to the discerning and creative-minded; a place to come together to celebrate creativity and engage with the arts. Canvas is creatively programmed with international, regional and local artists in digital art, music, installations, street art, photography, fashion and film. As a new standard for how the public is engaged through art, fashion and music, the venue will provide the platform and technology, acting as a blank canvas for artists of all mediums to express their creativity and unique outlook. If you have a penchant for mystery crime thrillers there’s a new movie called Dark Places coming out very soon, which is based on the novel by Gillian Flynn, the author of Gone Girl, which of course was adapted for the big screen last year. Dark Places is a mystery thrill that tells the tale of Libby Day, played by Charlize Theron, who has spent some considerable time psychologically traumatized after as a child she survived the murder of her family. Twenty-five years after the event, Libby is contacted by a secret society known as The Kill Club, that investigates true crimes, and they force Libby to confront the events of that day and bring back the horrifying memories to attempt to discover the truth, and convince her that her brother Ben, who was part of a satanic cult that committed the crime is innocent. The first international trailer for Dark Places has now becomes available, and as such we have embedded that first footage below for your viewing consideration, opening in black and white to give the trailer a more tense mystery feel.
Directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner, along with Charlize Theron, Dark Places co-stars Chloe Grace Moretz, Christina Hendricks, Nicholas Hoult, Corey Stroll, Drea de Matteo, Tye Sheridan and Sean Bridgers, Dark Places is due to hit cinema screens on the 8th of April in France, but as yet no release date for the UK or US.
1) Central Park Boathouse:The boathouse is undoubtedly the best place in the City to steal a kiss. 3) The Promenade in Brooklyn Heights: There are park benches throughout the Promenade and it’s private enough that you can kiss in public without feeling like a horny teenager.

4) The Castle at Central Park: You won’t have privacy at the Castle in Central Park, but if you time your kiss just right, you might be able to share a romantic kiss when no one is looking. 6) Empire State Building: I know this place is not creative, but there is a reason why all of the famous love stories use the Empire State Building as a backdrop.
7) The steps of Lincoln Center after 10pm: Lincoln Center becomes desolate at night, but it is still safe and lit with the security guards roaming the area.
9) Gantry State Park in Long Island City: Okay, we are venturing away from our 212 theme, but this park is the showcase for the romantic 212 landscape. 10) Fat Baby in the Lower East Side (112 Rivington) – There are more nightclubs and bars in NYC than anyone could ever name, but this place sticks out because it is always filled with energetic, highly sexually charged, guys and girls. Recent PostsAlways On Content forms a collaborative partnership with a top tech PR firm in NYCBy Dimitri Van Raemdonck The content marketing agency, Always On Content, has formed a collaborative agreement with the top tech PR firm, Macias PR, allowing both agencies to leverage their expertise, talent, resources and technology.
Well it can be said for sure that you would not have seen such construction anywhere before and you will feel as you are in a science fiction movie.
Sitting there, you will experience that around you there are a number of spider webs where you can sit or lay down. The McGettigan's brand is steeped in Irish family history and uses this strong heritage and valuable experience to bring a real flavour of Ireland and its renowned hospitality to a global market. The three private dining rooms are perfect for a celebration during the festive seasons or special occasions. Designed to be energy-efficient, the clubhouse is targeted to achieve Green Mark Platinum rating. Besides serving food, the restaurant features a renovated bar area, restrooms and live entertainment on screen. Canvas will transform from a daytime art gallery into a forward-thinking nightclub, delivering a truly different lifestyle experience.
You’re isolated, no one can hear your conversations on the water and you are surrounded by beautiful trees. At night, the skyline will seduce you and the sunset will warm you up regardless of the time of year you are visiting it. It’s because it really is romantic, standing next to the stars and looking down on a city that stops for no one. Sit on a step or head to the fountain and take a minute to steal the kiss when your partner isn’t expecting it. Sometimes you need to leave the forest to appreciate the trees, and that is exactly what you feel as you venture into Long Island City to kiss in what will make you feel like a movie scene. You start dancing here after a few of their strong cocktails, and the moment can take you or your partner back to a time of your youth. From an upscale smaller space near Rutgers University to a popular spot on the Shrewsbury River, the choices seem endless. Owned by a husband and wife team, the restaurant was named for the title of a Dudley Moore comedy routine. The cruise leaves out of Lincoln Harbor, conveniently located in Weehawken, with ample parking onsite.
A professional writer since 1981, she has created numerous materials for a Princeton advertising agency.

The dinner menu includes entrees, appetizers and side dishes to please all-sized appetites. But with Valentine’s Day here, 212Access thought we would put together a Top-10 list of the best places to kiss. There are also beautiful brownstones in the neighboring streets that make you feel like you are back in another century. The view at sunset or even after dark is a bit humbling, giving you an appreciation for the love in your life.
If you are already young, it will create a memory that will be embedded into your memory forever. The Liberty House on Liberty Island offers spectacular views of the New York skyline, and there are several yacht lines that leave from New Jersey and provide dining and entertainment suitable for celebrating a graduation.
The restaurant features modern American cuisine and occupies a distinctive industrial building that housed printing presses for the local newspaper. Ellis Island, the iconic Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Landing Marina are within sight.
The yacht cruises around New York harbor, offering panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline. If it’s in the summer, bring a blanket, wine and fruit and sit on the grass for your private make-out session.
We’ve gotten our clients high-profile media placements in the New York Times, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, the New York Post, CNN, Fox News and others. The grand ballroom offers floor-to-ceiling windows with unobstructed views and a wrap-around terrace. The Statue of Liberty is up close and personal, an experience graduates will not soon forget. The lights outside in the middle of the night will make your heart feel like it is 16 years old when everything on a woman’s body was new. The boathouse deck is open during warm summer months and provides a more casual atmosphere. The best place to kiss is probably on 42nd Street, under the bridge on Park Avenue or in the middle of Grand Central Terminal by the clock. It faces Lady Liberty and adjoins the Tented Garden Pavilions, which provide another venue for parties year-round. Meet Teri London, who is making a splash on the mixed martial arts scene in the Lingerie Fighting Championship after getting her start as a backup dancer in music videos for Beyonce and Britney Spears.
Garmin’s Forerunner 10, unlike the Apple Watch, has GPS that lets you track and store information, like distance and calories burned from your daily activities.
When you break a bone and visit your doctor, you know what's going to happen--your bone will be set in a splint or cast and eventually heal.

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