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Plastigage Plastic Gauge Bearing Tool Gauge KitPlastigage Plastic Gauge Bearing Tool Gauge Kit (PG2450)Condition: New Used to check clearance on connecting rod and main bearings. We cost highest Shipping fee, which is RM20 in this case, and no addition charge to each additional items. 5) For all buyer, this is online transaction, We take 2~5 days to process after receive your payment, (confirm your shipment address, check your payment, check our stock, packing, Transportation item to Nearest Postal Office, We necessary spend few day to Prepare). SHIPPING DAMAGED, MISSING PARTS, NEGLIGENT, TESTING PURPOSE, JUST FOR A LOOK PRODUCT AND ABUSE USED ARE NOT UNDER THE WARRANTY.
This is the main define statement for the page for english when no template defined file exists. The crankshaft, bearings, studs and remaining gasket material were removed to leave the bare block ready for cleaning.
A three-legged glaze breaker was used to restore the cylinder bores by breaking the glaze left by the old piston rings. Next to clean were the pistons, in particular the ring channels which were quite heavily coked up. The cylinder and piston diameters were measured before rebuilding to check for wear and roundness.
The piston diameter is measured perpendicular to the gudgeon pins just above the base of the skirt.
Before fitting the crankshaft and pistons, the piston ring clearance was checked as a belt-and-braces measure to ensure the bore diameter and new piston rings were correct.
The crankshaft's main journal-to-bearing clearance to be checked before fully fitting the crankshaft. The crankshaft was then put in position and a suitably-sized length of Plastigauge placed on top that would be crushed when the bearing cap was tightened.
After tightening the main bearing caps to the correct torque, they were subsequently removed and the crushed Plastigauge was measured; all were within tolerance so the Plastigauge residue was cleaned off, the bearings lubricated with clean engine oil and the main bearing caps replaced and tightened. With the crankshaft in place it was time to fit the new piston rings, starting with the oil rings and working upwards.
Once the new rings were in place, the big-end bearing shells were dry-fitted to the connecting rod and big-end bearing caps. The sump was attached, the block lifted to the ground and rotated so that it sat on the sump. The cylinder head was refitted and the bolts tightened in the sequence specified by the workshop manual. As long as you have good oil pressure and good oil, the Plain Bearing will last just about forever. In a hole or tunnel drilled (Machined) in a one piece cylinder head holding the camshaft and rocker arms. In a hole or tunnel drilled (Machined) in a one piece cylinder head with a cap holding the camshaft and rocker arms. In a hole or tunnel drilled (Machined) in a two piece cylinder head holding the camshaft and rocker arms with one end of the camshaft in a bushing.
Plain Bearings with Bushings (Bearing Shells) can wear and start hammering or spinning the bearing shells.
If the bushing (Bearing Shell) measures within the correct specification as measured with plastigauge, you may reuse it. If there is no bearing cap or cylinder head cover, you may have to check the clearance with special expanding ball gauges. KS-Plastic Gauge ist ein dunner, kalibrierter Kunststofffaden, der zur Messung in die olfreie Lagerstelle eingelegt und sich bei Quetschung um eine bestimmte Breite ausdehnt.

The cylinder on the left has been restored and clearly shows bare metal with the characteristic cross-hatch pattern left by the oscillatory motion of the glaze breaker.
A broken piston ring makes a good cleaning tool as it is ideally-suited to the slot to be cleaned. A few marks remained but they were otherwise free from scratches or pitting so they will be reused.
The bearing caps were inserted and tightened to the correct torque and the two perpendicular measurements taken with a telescopic bore gauge each at the wear ridge, middle and bottom of the cylinder.
The finish on the journals was checked by rubbing a penny on the journal surface parallel to the shaft; the fact that it did not pick up any material suggested that the finish was OK to start the rebuild. Again this was somewhat a belt-and-braces approach since new bearings were being fitted and the main journal diameters were known to be within tolerance. Care was taken to ensure the oil rings butted together without overlapping, that the rings were fitted the correct way up (text facing upwards) and that the gaps were placed approximately 120° apart.
This was to allow the big-end journal-to-bearing clearance to be measured in much the same way as with the main journals.
The wooden end of a hammer was used to square up the piston ring with the face of the block then gently tap the piston into its cylinder.
A small amount of roughness was felt due to the newly-deglazed cylinders but this will reduce as a new glaze is made.
Ford doesn't supply a gasket for the sump so a 3mm bead of copper-impregnated silicone instant gasket was laid down on the mating surfaces. The new head gasket was then laid into position, taking care to ensure that the mating surfaces were free from dirt. Before inserting the bolts, the threaded holes were blown out with compressed air to remove any oil or dirt that would have become compressed when the bolts were tightened. Before fitting the camshafts, the engine was cranked to approximately 2 cm before TDC to ensure that the valves, which had not yet been timed, didn't foul any pistons. Shafts under low stress like Camshafts and Rocker Arm Shafts, have no bearing shells and the shafts run right on the head metal, usually aluminum.
If the oil pressure fails because of lack of oil or because the oil is old and thin, the moving metal parts will touch and start to wear. I once read of an engine built for a sawmill in 1920s that was run continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week up till the early 1970s. Nach dem Lösen und Abnehmen des Lagerdeckels kann die resultierende Breite des Kunststofffadens und somit das Lagerspiel anhand der beiliegenden Vergleichsskala ermittelt werden.
During the steam cleaning it was necessary to the wipe soiled water that accumulated inside. Paraffin helps to lubricate the ring and prevent it from digging in to the soft piston material.
The journal diameters were checked at perpendicular points to ensure they were within tolerance and not out-of-round. The bearing seats were carefully cleaned before seating the block-side crankshaft bearing shells without coating them with oil. A piston ring compressor was fitted the piston crown, taking care not to allow the piston rings to rotate out of position as it was tightened.
The journal-to-bearing clearances came in within tolerance so the bearings were cleaned and oiled and the caps tightened.
With the pistons in place and the big end bearing caps tightened, the oil pump was next to install. The task of tightening up the bearing caps is quite monotonous as even pressure must be applied to the camshaft during tightening.

If a rolling shaft has a liquid forced between it and what it is pressing against, this liquid will bear the load and prevent the two pieces of metal (or whatever) from touching. If the parts are under a lot of stress, like Crankshafts mains and Rod big ends, there will usually be a special metal insert, called a Bushing or Bearing Shell, between the moving parts.
When the engine was taken apart they found they could see the original tool marks on the bearing shells. Anhand der Skala, die auf der Verpackung abgedruckt ist, kann so das Lagerspiel bestimmt werden. Die Messskala in mm und inch angeben.
Dedication and Customer??s Satisfaction are the complementing factors that our forefathers valued greatly of which we are very proud of inheriting.
Wire wool was used to remove coke from the flat surfaces but care had to be taken to ensure all the steel swarf was removed. These differ from the shells in the bearing cap as they have a hole to allow engine oil to pass. A ruler was used to ensure that the pump lay parallel to the block before installing the new gasket. The camshafts were rotated with a spanner and the camshaft setting tool inserted into the grooves to keep them correctly aligned. I have never bought these gauges because it's usually very obvious (At least on motorcycle engines !) that the head is worn.
We have been brought up to be good believers of hard work, faithfulness and honesty which have led our good name to come a long way over the last 18 years. Compressed air helped speed drying which was followed by a generous spray of WD40 to displace any remaining water and protect it from rusting. The pump was primed by pouring in fresh engine oil, however the majority leaked straight through but at least it was well-lubricated. On startup there is no oil flow or oil pressure so there is a minute amount of wear before the oil pressure comes up. You simply cut a length of plastigauge, take it out of the paper and put it on the shaft you want to measure. Plasitgauge is a proprietary system for measuring clearances between fitted surfaces of machine parts, such as crankshaft or camshaft bearings.
Anwendbar bei Nockwellen- , Kurbelwellen- und Pleuellagern, wo winw Fuhlerlehre nicht anwendbar ist.
If enough liquid is pumped in between our shaft and what it is pushing against the two parts will not touch and no wear will occur.
Made from a special extruded plastic thread with accurately controlled crush properties, Plastigage provides a fast and accurate way to check bearing clearances Each package has a measuring scale printed in inches and millimeters. Die Qualitat der Welle kann durch Auflegen der Messstreifen in Laufrichtung ermittelt werden. The trick is to get enough of the right liquid (oil) at enough pressure (20 to 80 PSI) to the two parts. I say IF because some engines have two or three bearing shell sizes that are very close together. Of course, maybe the factory foolishly thought the Owner would actually check the oil once in a while.

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