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An easy-to-build replica of the classic cabover.Introduced in 1959, the Peterbilt Cabover 352 with tilting cab was designed as a replacement for the non-tilting 351 cabover. Chassis and interior are super detailed with hose reels, sirens, emergency lights and pump control panel.
Bump down to the beach in the Blue BanditoSurfs up, it's time to get down to the beach, and the best way to get there is in the Blue Bandito. Lean, mean racing machineBuilt fresh for the new decade, the 1970 Ford Torino GT was a great leap forward from the previous model years.
Getting the world moving, one truck-load at a timeAnywhere something needs to be built, torn down or transported, you can expect to see a dump truck.

Throw the dive gear and the boards in the back of gramp's souped-up Model A, fire up the six carburetors and all eight cylinders, then roar down to the beach for a full day of fun above and below the waves! Kit features detailed V-8 with six carbs, surfing and free diving gear, and separate top and pickup bed covers. Most manufacturers make these machines as practical heavy-haulers, but many operators choose to decorate their rig in more exotic styles. V8, was rated at nearly four hundred horsepower, giving it more than enough 'go' for any drag strip. This kit features a detailed six-wheeled chassis, multi-part eight cylinder engine, movable hood, detailed cab, movable chrome bed with tailgate, 10 tires, rotating wheels and decals with US markings.

Kit features photo-etched parts, drag racing engine and interior, choice of two sets of wheels and full decals.
Kit features easy snap assembly, a detailed body, interior and chassis; dual exhausts, air horns, mirrors, chrome-plated wheels and colorful Peel 'n Stick decals with stock and custom graphics.

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