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If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member. I don't know for sure, but I would assume their primary appeal would be to beginners or a younger audience. I have figured out what is wrong with my brain!  On the left side nothing works right, and on the right side there is nothing left! Some ofthe Plasticville structures are reasonably to scale and well proportioned, some are not. Like so many other things in this hobby, it is not really fair to judge the whole Plasticville line based on those pieces that are way under sized. Plasticville structures, like all plastic structures need to be painted, especially those red roofs.
As a 3 rail O gauge modeler, I see more and more people moving away from Plasticville in favor of more detailed structures and layouts. I believe Plasticvilles were really meant for the younger set, and to go with trainsets, and even to accent the under-the-tree set. But that is not to say that experienced modelers won't find a need for them on their layout either.

They are cheap in price and so not as impressive on details, and size may be a little off to get those less than quality details to show. I think a problem with lower-priced buildings like Plasticville, Model Power, and even older Atlas, is that most of the time you see them wearing the colors they came in (like in the picture in the original post). At the same time Chris found the gas station, he also found the Plasticville super market in a bag for $5. I went online and found some pictures of store windows and mannequins from the 1930′s to put in the windows of the store.
I would expect that a cheaper, more toy-like model would be ideal for use in a layout by children.
A scale ruler and a basic understanding of architecture and real world demensions should be all that is needed to seperate the winners from the loosers. It seems that there are kits available in a wide range of detail and pricing, from craftsman kits to Plasticville. As I progress past track work, I find myself looking closely at not only who makes kits that will fit the Baltimore look and feel, but also the level of detail being offered at a reasonable price. But I find it ironic that HO modelers, UK subjects in particular, are starting to embrace a more toy-like look and feel.

I dug out some old O scale stuff for myfather when he began to play withe old O scale layout my brother and I had as a  kid. If you take the time to paint them in more realistic, muted colors, and do a little weathering and detail work on them, you can often get a good building out of them in my experience. Then again, I also think there's probably a market of modellers who buy the kits cheaply and then have kitbashing or detailing fodder. As a kid, I purchased many Tyco plastic HO structure kits and back then they seemed pretty nice. These buildings were assembled with skill and detail and were customized beyond manufacturer`s specifications. Given the fifties look of some of those smaller stores, painting them to simulate painted porcelain and stainless steel helps.

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